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Force of pressure during jelq


Originally Posted by calfaddict
That would be an overhand grip. Makes it easy to jelq downward and straight out. This grip lends itself to keeping pressure off of the dorsal nerve, and it’s fairly easy to go light on the CS as well. I find my CS tolerates much less pressure than the CCs do.

Just tried this in the shower and it didn’t feel like I was jelqing at all (I did the upside down you grip; thumb on right side of penis, index and middle finger on left side, jelqing towards glans). I didn’t see any expansion in my glans.

I usually do an overlapped ok grip (my erect girth is abysmal) with the palm of my hand facing my fat pad, is this good enough?

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Sorry to bump and double post but I figured this would be the best place to post this and it echoes my post above: I’m not seeing any real expansion when jelqing the sides. I only see my glans get slightly bigger when having my thumb on the top and my index finger on the bottom. :/

Even when I try firegoat’s “squeezing honey off a stick” approach to the sides (which is quite a bit of pressure), I still see no expansion.

I wish there’d just be a new video up on jelqing already. The dude in the current one is gripping his dick to death and it’s twice as large as mine so it’s hard to transfer it to my own.

It’s also hard to get the technique right when many posters make threads saying they “figured jelqing out finally” but don’t actually post what their figured out technique is. :(

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- Dr. Wayne Dyer

Originally Posted by cardinal2
Haha masturbation grip? Oh boy, I definitely use a lot more pressure than that.

I also use WAY more pressure than a masturbation grip. I’ve also focused on top and bottom over sides.

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yeah i still focus on top or bottom over sides tbh and I saw gains that way when I was doing this routinely so I’m afraid to switch. I would actually say I gripped hard enough that it effected the sides aswell

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Originally Posted by sta-kool

Thanks for clarifying, Serenity73. Yes, KP meant the amount of pressure.

I’m not a newbie but the pressure I use is rather higher than during masturbation.. My gains weren’t very noticeable but my EQ was always more or less good, I am wrong with the pressure?


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