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For the skeptics- My first month's progress

For the skeptics- My first month's progress

I have been, and am a confirmed skeptic. Not just in the area of PE, but in life in general. I felt it was time to help my fellow skeptics out.

I have been doing PE since 08-08-06, and have seen 1/2 inch of BPEL gain in that time. I have not had any EG gain, but I have not been focusing on gaining girth as of yet.

My routine is roughly the newbie routine, but I do it when I can. I have a full time job, I also am a full time student, and have a wife and two kids. It is not easy to find the time everyday. Some days I can’t get any time at all. So, I am not even getting as much stretching and jelqing as is called for in the newbie routine. If I have to decide between stretching and jelqing, I stretch.

I do warm up and warm down, and have found that I like a heating pad best, due to the deep heat possible. I am more prone to injury otherwise.

I think for me, being very alert to what is happening to my penis, and focusing closely on technique, is the key to my newbie gains.

Sorry, no pics. I am shy. Fellow skeptics, please accept my word of honor that PE has worked for me.

Starting (08-08-06) measurements: 6”BPEL 5.25”EG
Current (09-07-06) measurements: 6.5” BPEL 5.25”EG



Hey ‘goinfor8’ You just described my exact situation. I have been a little frustrated with myself, due to my schedule getting in the way of PE workouts. I have not measured yet, to be honest not sure I want to until the end of the 3 months of the newbie routine. I am encouraged to know you have seen results. Congrats

Start bpel 6.0 - EG (mid) 4.8

Update bpel 6.25 - EG 4.9-5.0 .. 12/28/11

GOAL bpel 7.5 - EG 5.5-6.0

Thanks to all for your encouragement.

As a side note, I am a stealth PEer. That also cuts into my time. I have read a lot about PE being a mental thing as well, and I can say that I agree. A few nights ago, I screwed my wife like I had a penis that was a foot long. She loved it! She eventually asked me to stop, because she couldn’t take more. She said I gave her so much stimulation, she went numb. I guess it was due to my PE, but my attitude has changed as well.

As far as the erection quality goes, I really didn’t think about that, but I have never had problems with erections in the past. I do think you are right, and I also will take what I can get. I have more prominent veins (I like them), and have gained about 1/4” flaccid hang.

The way I look at it, I am not going to ever get frustrated about it, because there is always tomorrow. I am planning for a couple years of work to get to 8”, and if it happens sooner, then so much the better.

I am still skeptic if I can contact someone on privet and he will tell me about his PE experience it will be enough for me.

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