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For the Newbies: Extenders - Questions thread

If it looses sensitivy, it is because the strap is too tight. Extending at about your NBPEL should yeld gains, but it sounds like you can’t. I can’t think to anything else than switching to a noose-style or vac-style. Or maybe another technique. You got gains with manuals?

I actually gained with the exercises before I wear the extender like half a centimeter, and with the extender I haven’t gain nothing in the month and a half I wore it, I use the device 6 to 8 hours a day, only thing I notice is when I finish extending 6 to 8 hours my flaccid length is bigger also without extending I feel the month I been wearing it flaccid looks like it hangs more but maybe it’s just me I haven’t measured really but I think that must be positive even if I don’t see real gains.

Than stay on manual exercises.

You might just have to reduce the amount of time you’re wearing it in a day. Try wearing it for only 1-2 hours a day and see what happens.

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Anyone have advice for stopping that annoying slippage of the straps?

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Are you talking about the noose strap or the comfort strap?

Usually people recommend wrapping your penis with something that will provide additional friction.

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Well when i used the silicone straps before they broke, i found that using a piece of towel helped a lot and it didn’t slipped at all

that worked for me maybe it helps you too.

Originally Posted by marinera
Here’s a pic that can help understanding how extensters put less stress on ligs
penis ligs.jpg
(well, at least as I’m seeing it)

I hope my uneducated opinions don’t frustrate you too much marinera.

I am assuming by this illustration that you are saying that the base would be resting on the suspensory ligaments and therefore not “stress” them as much?

I’ve had a tough time finding a good illustration that shows the size and location of the suspensory ligaments relative to the pubic bone and exit point, but from what I have found it seems to me like an average sized extender base would be wide enough to allow the ligs to be pulled within it.

I can feel around the base of my extender when it’s in use and it doesn’t seem like any ligs are being pulled against the base, only within it, suggesting to me that the base of the extender is pushing cleanly against the pelvic bone.

Perhaps, after the suspensory ligaments have been pulled out considerably, they may interfere more with an extender? I obviously haven’t reached that point yet.

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That could be. I guess what I’m saying is not that ligs are completely ‘cut out’ when using an extender, but that they are less worked compared to hanging.

Opinions, educated or less, don’t hurt me at all; what can hurt sometimes is the way they are delivered - which hardly can be your case. :)

Any other extender users ever compared avg gains of noose vs comfort straps?

I’ve noticed that the comfort straps have more of a “pull”. By this I mean the fact that if I use a noose, it will slowly be pulled back until it eventually stops at some place. So, if I measure 5.5” (no tension spring movement) on a noose when I start, an hour later it’ll be at 5”. If I use a comfort strap and start at 5.5”, an hour later it’ll be at 5.4” (as well as having the tension), which is better because it is able to hold it there better. This leads me to assume that one would see more potential gains with a comfort strap. (aka as pain strap).

I’ve just finally hit the NBPEL on my extender. (you’re suppose to start out lower and work your way up; this avoids unnecessary pain), so I’m expecting to see gains a little “Faster” now.

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Alright, so I’ve been using the extender with the comfort strap for about a little over a week now. Prior to starting it I was 7” and just measured BARELY hitting 7 1/8”. Pretty quick in that respect. The comfort strap’s extra pull is definitely making a difference.

Re-Start 3.10.2011 - BPEL: 6.750" EG: 4.5" | Current 7.3.2011 - BPEL: 7.250" EG: 4.625" | Just made my first 1/2"!

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Dose it on extenders, more hours equals better? Like 4-5-6 hours ar good? Or you shouldn’t put that much stress on it? Sorry for the dumb question.

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There are no dumb questions.

In general, yes, the more hours you wear an extender the “faster” you will gain, but really you should be focusing on how your penis is reacting to it. If you’re trying for 4 hours and your penis hurts like hell after 2, don’t push it. Just go with whatever is comfortable. Just remember that no one during the first month on the extender should be doing more than four hours a day anyways.

Re-Start 3.10.2011 - BPEL: 6.750" EG: 4.5" | Current 7.3.2011 - BPEL: 7.250" EG: 4.625" | Just made my first 1/2"!

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I have been using monkeybar’s autoextender (with the vacuum head, no nooses/straps) for the past month or so.

My questions:

1) I have been wearing the extender with the v-attachment as often as I can, it’s kind of like a fulcrum principle, your penis is in the extender with a bar placed either on the underside or on top of the penis. I can only wear the extender for about 1 to 1.5 hours doing this before my cock starts to get really sore, I switch the position of the bar from underside to on top of the penis every half hour.

How long should I be doing this? I’ve been doing it once or twice a day (2-3 hours), now I’m trying to double the amount of time I’m putting in (4 sessions, about 5 hours a day), is this advisable given the stress I’m putting on the midsection of the penis?

And will doing this cause some kind of “baseball bat” effect because of the stress on the midsection?

My penis feels way more fatigued after I use the v-attachment then without it, if I wear the extender this way every time I use it, will this inhibit or make future gains more difficult by making my cock “tougher” in the midsection?

2) Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions on how to warm-wrap the penis while wearing an ADS or extender under clothes/stealth mode? If I could constantly apply heat while I’m wearing this thing, I think results will come a lot quicker and easier.

Another question:

When I wear the extender, sometimes I “massage” my shaft with my fingers. I am hoping that this encourages further growth and tissue-tear, can anyone confirm this is the case?

Any other ideas (besides heat and massaging the shaft) that one can do while in an extender to work the penis even more?


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