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For the married guys


For the married guys

Hey I just started PE. My wife doesn’t know and already says I’m big but like all of you I want to be bigger till I feel happy with it. Do you guys tell your wives and if not how long does has it taken them to notice a difference if they do notice? And what are the best exercises to do and tips to do them secretly? Thanks for any advise.

They do notice all right.:) Mine never said anything but 2 months into PE, she said sex was different but better… hmmmmmm, what could that have been? And now she wants me to thrust a lot less strongly. So yes, she has and for the better.

I haven’t told mine, but it’s easy to get your PE in with a little creativity about your routine. I get up way earlier than her and I’m done and dusted before breakfast. If we go away, there’s always the chance of a bit of a stretch and jelq in the bathroom. Kegels are super secret. Fowfers are easy if you have baggy pants. There’s heaps of threads on stealth PE.

Do you do it everyday how much did you gain till she noticed.

Any other married guys with info?

Do not tell your wife, trust me. Say anything make any excuse just don’t do it.

It’s not a good idea, she will see it as a weakness whether it’s now or 25 years later, it will be brought up and used against you.

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Well that’s kinda scary.

I agree with 17ml.Whatever you do DO NOT TELL HER!

Hi jsmith3969, I directly said my wife. But I didn’t say that my unit will be larger than now. I said I am doing for health of my unit good EQ, prostate and premature ejaculation. Of course she felt to difference of my unit and she enjoyed. That time I said PE benefits some gains beside EQ, prostate and premature ejaculation. Now she is supporting me to do PE. This my story about PE and my lovely wife.

Have a good gain.

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I keep different hours than my wife as well and I have not told her. Like many women, she says I am a “perfect size” for her. Years ago, I probably would have agreed as I was just long enough to bottom out in her and thick enough that she was delightfully snug without being so tight that it ruled out quickies. Then she had 2 kids and things changed.

I have gained about 1.5” in length and just under .5” in girth. She hasn’t made any mention about a change in size in my penis (it has occurred over the better part of three years) but she seems to feel I am “healthier” in bed now. I do, in fact, get more general physical exercise now. She has never been terribly vaginally orgasmic, just a very occasional obvious orgasm, although she says she has “little ones” with vaginal sex all the time. I was hoping that would change as I got back to the size I was relative to her before she had our children. So far it has not, although she does seem to take an increased interest in sex these days compared to a few years ago.

As a therapist, I can say with absolute certainty that women do see the strengths in men as a potential threat, and will use whatever perceived weakness as an advantage at some point.

On the positive side, they admire and respect shows of authoritative strength, and can become sexually aroused by it.

From a PE standpoint they could see PE activities as either a threat to their own abilities as a woman, or that they aren`t somehow tight enough, or that obsessive fixation could be homosexual, or that it is just a general weakness in you.

Then there are the one`s who are supportive and will go as far as wanting to physically help, and it`s hard to tell whether your`s is one of those, and hardly worth the risk of having her get distant.

My wife saw the Thunder`s page open and I said I found it a source of those willing to talk about their percieved lack of size, which I was honest with her about feeling.

She was mildy disturbed that I would visit a forum to discuss this as opposed to talking with her about it, and then said the obligatory “you are perfect for me” , which didn`t make me feel any better to be honest.

Given her response, I wouldn`t dare tell her.

I`m able to take time during the day between client sessions to do what I need to do while my wife is at her work.

I have gained an inch in length this last year and she`s never mentioned a thing, but is always keen.

As much as I understand some of the ways women think and act, I`m still can`t figure them out.

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I told my wife before we were married and I have her full support. It’s a lot easier not having to hide a very important part of your life from the one you love. I’d think I married the wrong woman if she wasn’t supporting me in what’s important to me.

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Originally Posted by Titleist
I told my wife before we were married and I have her full support. It’s a lot easier not having to hide a very important part of your life from the one you love. I’d think I married the wrong woman if she wasn’t supporting me in what’s important to me.

I’m with Titleist. I told my wife up front and she’s very supportive. She’s commented on the discoloration I’ve gotten, and she’s occasionally noticed that my balls are bigger, but thus far she hasn’t said that I feel different inside her. I have noticed that she’s having more difficulty with oral sex these days - my wife has what she calls “that spot” in her throat that, once hit, puts an end to any more oral that day, and usually results in her running to the bathroom to vomit. She used to hit it only once every few months - now it’s about every 3rd or 4th time. When she doesn’t hit “that spot” she happily sucks on me till I fill her mouth with my jism.

All that being said, I would never have told my ex-wife. She’d have used it against me to belittle my masculinity, she’d have used it against me in court, she’d have turned it around on me so that my real issue was one of control, or that I was wanting to be bigger so that all my alleged girlfriends (as if I needed that kind of complication!) would yadda yadda yadda. In other words, she’d have used this like she used every other thing about me to try and hurt me.

So at some point, I wised up and said, “fuck this, I don’t need this kind of relationship.” Now, 15 years later, I have a wife that loves me and accepts me no matter what. And even though my ex has devastated me financially, 39 months from now the insane amount of child support will be over and I’ll never have to talk to that lying, crazy bitch ever again. Oh blessed day!

My point is, only you can tell what kind of woman you married. If she has a cruel, vindictive streak like many women do, I wouldn’t tell her. If there’s any possibility that you won’t stay married, don’t tell her. If you don’t have the kind of relationship where you can tell each other everything, don’t tell her. My wife and I have a NO SECRETS policy, and after nearly six years of marriage, I still keep no secrets from her and am eternally grateful that I don’t feel the need to.

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I do manual PE, pumping, extending, and hanging. All she is aware of is pumping. I told her about pumping because I have ED and I needed to use it in order to get it up one day when she was anxious to get it on. Also the equipment (I have 4 cylinders) are a bit bulky and obvious.

Because of the ED, I usually pump first so my pumped dick is up about 3/4”+ in girth and maybe 1/2” in length (on a good day) from when I started PE. She has never mentioned an increase in size, bur recently commented: “where did that come from?”. This morning, after stretching for 3.5 hours and pumping for 45 minutes, she said “wow, that was really good.”

I am waiting for more length before I let her in on some of the other routines

I don’t have sex with my wife so no data there (not my choice). I haven’t told her about it cause she probably doesn’t care and would just talk about it in public to embarrass me.

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My status thread

My wife used to get very jealous when I would lock myself in the bathroom to pe for 30 min with porn playing, thinking that I was cheating on her. Now that we have discussed it she has no problem with it and understands why I’m doing pe and why some days I’m too sore for sex. So long as I don’t watch porn

And we have sex some nights after pe she is perfectly happy. Women are not naive as you fellas might think she knows what’s going on. Sooner or later her friends do to, unfortunately.


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