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For the married guys and thoose with a steady gf


For the married guys and thoose with a steady gf


I’ve been PEing for 3 months now and my daily life has changed. I arrive at home 45 minutes later and sometimes I disappear into the bathroom for 60 minutes at home. I have started to wear my Penimasterpro and that means showing the little plastic “bag” when entering the bathroom.

Now for my question. You married guys, do you tell your wife ( or girlfriend for that matter ) that you are PEing. Do you show your Penis stretcher och Penispump?

I know there are an important factor of respect and understanding involved. Some women will look down on their man and loose respect because they see it as a weakness not having self confidence enough. Especially in the area of sex. And some women will see it as a strength that their man takes control of their life.

What is your experience in this matter?

I have not told my wife but I notice her starting to wonder. I have told her that I am doing cock training but have not gone deeper into the matter. I know she thinks that you should not take sex to serious and I am afraid to loose some respect if I tell her how much time I spend on PE. I am interested to hear your opinion on the matter. And yes I do think sex is a serious matter.

/ Soulmedeep

First of all how old are you and how long are you married?
I think that when a couple does not have the same “appetite” or similar ideas for sex , that is a bit of a problem. (Been there.)

I think you should be true to your wife. (Of course you don’t need to put so much detail.)
You should say to her that you would like to have a bigger and healthier penis to increase the pleasure in the sex life of both of you.
It is 10 times better for her to know the truth even if she is not so comfortable with it than to not know..
Because not knowing makes you think things that do not represent reality. She might even think that you are having an affair..
The truth is always better.

She might indeed find it funny or as a weakness at first, but it is up to you to show that it is not. If you show it as a weakness , she would think it is a weakness. If you stand up for it she will accept it and later when she starts seeing the results I think it will make her hornier.

Ask yourself , in women do you like medium, big or bigger titts? It’s exactly the same for a woman. Even if they don’t say it , they like big penises. Not huge, just big..

Women always LIKE men that set goals (whatever they maybe) and try to achieve them.
Never forget that a man is a hunter. He is the conqueror. And ALL women want to be conquered.
If you want more sex in your life, you must chase your wife more. She will give in more, even if sometimes she does not show it, she will surrender to a “hunter”..

Just some friendly advice.

If she ever asks ,just tell her that PE helps with EQ and to keep your penis over all healthy . Tell its just a workout like how you do a full body workout to stay healthy this is a penis health workout. Lol :P

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Go watch=There are video's on how to do the exercises here!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reply Ziggy99! Yeah you are most likely right in all of your reply. I will consider telling her. As you have been there, you probably also know that her stand also have to do with her own self image approaching sex. Yes, I would say that we do see sex in different ways. As I see it more like a journey we do together as companions through the years. She is 14 years younger then me. I am 55 years old. Her view comes more close to the one night stand kind of sex. The excitement and anticipation is the main key for her. I believe a couple that know each other sexually can reach much more deeper satisfaction if effort is put into it. So yes we are different in that way. And yes again. The hunter image and the feeling of being ravished by a hunter is a crucial thing. I do think it is something the younger guys here does not keep in mind. The master lover is a master of both making love to her mind as her body. The mind bit is as important as the body. I would say that it is 60 / 40 mind / body or even more in regards of making her have an unbelievable experience with you.

Thanks again Ziggy99 / Soulmedeep

Originally Posted by alivegeta
If she ever asks ,just tell her that PE helps with EQ and to keep your penis over all healthy . Tell its just a workout like how you do a full body workout to stay healthy this is a penis health workout. Lol :P

Hi earthling! ( Alivegeta )

Well, She is already happy as my potent problems are gone since I started to do PE. I have used potent pills in the past and they have helped but PE have made me more confident in bed and I have done some mind training studies to be more present during sex. The Pills are not necessary anymore. So she knows that I am taking the sex seriously. And she knows that I am doing something with my penis. But I will follow Ziggys advice and explain to her what I am putting me and my friend through.


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@Ziggy99. We have been married for 8 years. / SMD

My personal opinion (as a friendly advice again) is that you should change a little your view about ” I see it more like a journey we do together as companions through the years. “.
To my understanding the sex in a woman’s mind is very different thing than her social life. In your social lives yes she wants a companion and someone who will treat her as equal, but in her bed she wants someone to rock her world. She wants someone who most of the times will lead. Someone to make her do new things (and increasing your penis size is a new thing…).

If you say that your wife’s view is “more close to the one night stand kind of sex” then I guess she likes more playfull sex than “sweet sex”.
In this case your role us a “hunter” is even more prominent…. And I think that she will like it that you do PE

I also think that women like somewhat “confesion” type of discusions.
You could talk to her about it while in a dinner you have invited her, in a discusion about your thoughts on changing and improving your sex life.
You could start about how you feel and what you want and if you want something that you feel is missing and you would like to have it and then ask her what she feels and what she wants. Even if you have done this in the past , it’s always a pleasant discusion for a woman that most of the times will lead to sex later that night! :)

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Ziggy99, I hear you.

Yes I am changing my ways in the bedroom and I try to take the command as you mention. It is not easy when you are brought up to be the nice guy. But I agree that she wants more of a submissive role than I have understood in the past. Dirty talk has been a factor last year and it helps some in the leading role for me. Thanks for the advice. Helps a lot to hear another fellow man and his view in the matter. I agree with you and to be honest you kind of confirm my inner thoughts about the matter. / Thanks again / SMD

When this Baby hits 88 miles per hour.... You are gonna see some serious shit!!

Every relationship is different. I would imagine in an ideal marriage you would be open, honest and sharing about everything. That is certainly not the situation I’m in.

I have not shared anything about PE with my wife. History tells me she’ll use it against me somehow, someday. I know she’s noticed my gains but has yet to say anything about it.

I would agree with what the others have said. Like alivegeta stated, it seems like a good idea to emphasize the EQ aspect of it, since many of us have weaker EQs as we age if we are not proactive. The size can just be a perk that comes along with the rest of all of that! :)

I did not tell my wife at first but have talked to her several times now about what/why I am doing PE. Our sex life has always been decent and has only gotten better.

She knows every guy wishes it was bigger and has agreed to not have an issue with it as long as the sex remains comfortable. It always feels better if you don’t have to hide it.

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I’m thankful my wife knows about it. It’s made it much easier. He only request is that I don’t leave my pump out where it can be seen by our daughter.

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I think it should be known and understood by the woman. Unfortunately, women have a double standard about such things as you mentioned.
They have no problem spending hours in front of a mirror applying makeup and primping their hair just to be more visually appealing for men,
But men are supposed to be sexy right out of the box.

If they were given a choice between a soggy, flabby bodied guy and a chiseled, muscular, underwear model, we all know which one they would prefer.
Do they truly understand that the hot models and strippers have to work at it for hours on a daily basis?
And if they did get the hot stripper body, would they be happy seeing a minuscule peanut dangling between those chiseled columns for legs, like Michelangelo’s David?
No, they want to see the big German sausage. But only if it is natural I suppose. It should not require any work or effort on the man’s part to achieve it.

Its all just another form of self-improvement.
They don’t get it, but good luck trying to convince them that they should not bother spending all that time in front of a mirror.

I told my wife that it will make it harder and bigger and she said go for it just not much bigger.She actually believed it from the get go cause I demonstrated her the exercises, explaining the mechanics of each one.

She found it very logical.

After a while she felt it too.

BPEL 7 EG 5.5 NBPEL 6.5 Flaccid length 4.5. Started Jan 2015 at bpel 6.5 nbpel 6.0 and eg 5.2 flaccid length was 3.5

I have reached my goal. At least for now.

Interesting point, tinytim. I wonder if girls expecting the natural package are akin to males who wants plump, large breasts that are natural. Of course, I would think there’s more a likeness when the males are getting cosmetic surgery/implants to enhance size rather than performing PE. A lot of girls would think it is a strange type of exercise for guys to do. I think most guys really appreciate a female who performs kegels and such, and would even want their partner to do so without any negative judgments being made.


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