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For the first time

For the first time

Hello everyone
Well I must admit that was strange!!
Its actually quite weird how you don’t go fully hard when jelqing.. I’ll admit I was watching a lil porno whilst I was jelqing (just thought it would be more normal) but that actually almost got me rock and almost got me turning from jelq to wank but I controlled myself and went to cool off by dipping my member in some warm water..
Am I right in saying it isn’t recommended watching porn whilst jelqing?

Also I’de like to share what I did as it is my first time and I want to know if I’m going in the right direction..
Warmed my cock up by dipping it in warm water
Started jelqing using overhand (don’t know if there’s any difference to underhand thought I’de just say!)
.Repeated 3 times..
Cooled my cock down by dipping it in warm water

I know results are not going to be immediate but what do you guys think if I keep this up 5 days a week?

You don’t want to be ‘aroused’ while jelqing. I’d try to lay off the porn, I know it’s fun, but is messes with you.

Began 9/12/12 BPEL 5.0 El 4.75 BPSFL 5.5 MEG 5.0 BEG 5.25 FL 1-3 FG 4.0

Current 12/3/12 BPEL 5.625 EL 5.0 MEG 5.0 BEG 5.25 FL 2-3.5 FG 4 BPFSL 6.325

Gotcha! So its meant to be like.. Umm.. Training your biceps or something.. Just stimulate it and relax.. Right?

Yah I would cut out watching porn while jelqing and did you have goals for your PEing? Are you going for just girth or girth and length? If you want length as well as girth you should incorporate stretching in your workout and when you say you repeated jelqing 3 more times, did you just do a couple jelqs? I would recommend the newbie routine for the best beginner results

No no couple jelqs seems like a waste of time.. I actually didnt count but I’m 100% sure it was over 30 for sure each time.. I mixed fast and slow movements too (kind of forgot to go slow at times)..

And yes I am aiming for length and girth.. I was too eager to try this out to even bother measuring so I guess tomorrow or the day after is when I’ll be measuring my wang

I thought I should say I was at it for about 25 mins so I’m guessing thats way over the 30 jelq’s each time.. Is 25ish mins over doing it?

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