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For how long should I jelq?

For how long should I jelq?

I´m an complete newbie and have done the newbie program for two weeks. My question now is if 350 jelqs are enough or should I do as many that is possible, until my penis shrinks.

How do you more experienced people know that, “now I´m finished”. After 350 jelqs for me I just feel a little bit fatigued, but It doesn´t feel like I´ve given the bastard a real workout.

Any tips?

Hi Eidish..

I’m 2 months in, but am curious what the Veterans suggest also.

I was jelqing for 12 to 15 minutes, but started counting, and did over 200 in about 10 minutes. So I wonder if I should go to 300 to 400.

I am only two weeks or so into PE myself but I don’t think it is much different than most anything involving the body. Listen to your body. If you are in touch with it, it will let you know. At the same time always remember that your desire and enthusiasm may be muffling your bodies voice.

The point is not to go until you kill it. At the end of my jelq routine I like to get a hard-on and enjoy my new large size due to the jelq effect for awhile. So, if you can’t get it up after your routine, I would say you have done too much. I have never counted reps. I go in 5 minute increments and then take a 20-30 second break to shake out my hands and refresh my lube. I think 20 minutes of jelqing is plenty. So try that and remember to get a hard-on at the end and maintain it for at least 5 minutes.

Always remember nothing is cast in stone as far as your routine goes, so mix it up with something different every couple of weeks or so.


These guys make sense. I never really counted my jelq strokes. I just jelqed for as long as it was enjoyable. Trips is right! Listen to your body. I like what gprent added—don’t jelq until you can’t maintain an erection any longer. Take a break from time to time, and keep going, as long as you’re not exhausting yourself and your dick. I don’t think PE, especially at he beginning, should be like a heavy body building workout. Your dick is another creature, altogether. You’re just conditioning it for the first month or two. You can really overdo it if you’re not careful. Make it an enjoyable experience, not a burden.

Good luck, Eidish,


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Thanks guys for the advices! I love you all.

horsehung > does that mean I am still just conditioning my dick ? I mean I think I have started 1-2 months ago..not really seeing any results. What happens during conditioning your dick ? And what happens after ?? When starting out with milking/dragging, for how long should I milk/drag it (strokes) ?

Would it help results by sitting on my dick. Think thats called OTS over the shoulder (LOL) ?

And I’m not counting (why on earth would I count over 100 anyway LOL), but i take time. I try to use about an hour each day (often becomes every second day)
I start off with dry milk, then wet jelg (I believe). I often end by masturbating after 40-65 minutes though. My jelq strokes are from 2 to 4 or 5 seconds.

Is it a good idea to wear a cockring after exercise ? Because I think i read that somewhere

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