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For everyone wanting more

For everyone wanting more

So yeah I been in this site, as you can notice, I don’t have any stats or anything. Except some few threads. But I will tell you this, even if your starting or are a expert at PE, there is no better satisfaction than your own self. Yes some will see the change or feel it. Your wife’s or gf will say something to compliment on your man down stairs. For example like what happen to me.

My ex and I recently got back together, about 3 months now. The first thing we did was have sex, and she said Damn I feel you, like big time. I was like alright you just miss it or trying to make me feel better. But then she started grabbing it, stroking it and looking at it. She was like. Hmm this is not his. A day or two later after our reunited sex play, she decided to go down and me. She started to gag and spat out a bit. This is what she said : what happen to you, I don’t remember being this fat, yeah it got a little bigger but not much, but it got fatter. She couldn’t even take it all, she suck it for a bit, but gagged most of the time.

So gained some girth, iam all cool with that. Next its length. It will take me awhile but its determination. If all of you have a determinism to do PE, you can do anything in life. Yeah it may be that were trying to get the man below a better resume, but we are also giving ourselves confidence, focus and our own self back.

I think I said enough, take it step by step just like life and the gym. Keep yourself motivated, anything is possible
Ps. Yeah I know there some capitalization needed and some grammar.

Great story! Keep up the good work dude909.

Good motivation dude, thanx.

I’ve been doing PE for a couple of months and my wife has already felt the difference.
Plus she can see that I’m more confident and horny all the time, today she was blowing me and she was really excited with it, even deep throated me a couple of times for fun.

That’s good to hear! I am bout to complete my first month of religious PE and today I was surprised when I found out that some gains are starting to come in. It is not much to be excited about, but it just proves to me that this actually works and that I don’t have to settle for what I got. I am more determined than ever now to reach my goal :D

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