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?? for DLD, BIB or other vets

?? for DLD, BIB or other vets

I would like for some good gainers to help me with a good angle of attack for my stretching.

First off, when fully erect, my erection angle is about 10:30.
My PC muscle bulges out the back side of my penis. (perhaps a strong PC ?)

And when I stretch and do a PC flex, my strongest pull back angle is 12:00.
The weakest pull back, (really no pull back at all), is straight down at 6:00.

So with that said what angle should I be concentrating on to stretch my LIGS the hardest ??

I would guess I need to stretch pulling down to the floor or between my legs. Is this correct ??

Will be measuring the 24th of this month and would like to see some gains at that time for some good motivation.

At last measurement, (April 24th), I was at 7.5 bone pressed and
7.0 not bone pressed. However, I can do a strong kegel and my head swells up to 7.25 not bone pressed.

Thanks everyone !!

This is probably the most sincere, honest, non-trash talking forum on the
internet today.

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