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I’ve looked around the site and there is maybe one or two posts that kind of work their way around this question but I saw no full answer, so I will ask it.

Are there any foods that help with the penis growth process? Length or girth? Maybe it helps ligaments grow or something I don’t know, I’m just trying to learn as much as I can.

Perhaps not so much to grow, but to help prevent bruising, you diet should have plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Any diet that is good for body building is good for PE. You want to avoid artery clogging substances like saturated fats but have good fats like extra virgin olive oil and nuts.

An adequate supply of protein is good for rebuilding muscle and tissue and staying hydrated by drinking water is also good.

Try not to gain weight either(or at least fat weight). Fat often reduces the size and appearance. I suggest just eating regularly and going lighter on fat meals and a little more on protein foods.

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