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Foods that help Penis


Foods that help Penis

Is there and type of foods or drink that helps your penis in anyway because I’ve heard from 2 different people that dates and peppermint tea helps your penis. I’m not sure how but I’m not exactly keen on talking about penis with friends.

I’ve no idea about those two. Until then, keep your diet healthy anyway. What’s good for the rest of you, is probably also good for the penis.

Help it do what exactly? Increase erection, ejaculation, growth?

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Whichever, anything that has any sort of effect.

Why is caffeine bad while on a PE program?

Originally Posted by outlaw_member
Whichever, anything that has any sort of effect.

Dont drink water for 2 full days. The next day, your dick will be on fire when you pee:)

Any food that has Zinc will aid sperm motility
L-Arginine in peanuts can boost nitric oxide for better erections and cum shots
Black Indian pepper makes me horny. I don’t know if it will work for you.
Drink plenty of fluids through the day for better flaccid hangs.
Eat a good portion of greeny leafy Vegetables, Carbs, proteins and some fat. A healthy diet can go a long way in maitaining better Penile health

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joeg66 ! caffeine is a vasco constrictor. Excess caffeine tends to narrows the blood vessels in the body. Constricted blood vessels do not allow blood to flow freely into the dick. Hence, there is a potential to lose a bit of erection strength.

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Thanks for the information god, gonna cut the caffeine intake starting tomorrow.


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Do you think that the amount of soda that you drank as a kid effected how big your penis was when it started developing. Since it does restrict blood flow, maybe that could be a reason that were all here in the first place

Just a thought.


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Here’s a good one. Basically a healthy diet and exercise is good for your whole body. I remember reading in a men’s health once that vitamin E is good for the penis. Blood flow is key. So smoking is bad for blood flow.…thy-habits.html

Who knows, but its common sense if your a healthy person your dick is going to be healthier. I use lotion with Cocoa butter in it and that seems to help me. Take vitamins, don’t eat at burger king all day and exercise.

I’ve heard that eating fruits make cum tste sweeter. THat helpful?

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I agree with godofdeviltry. These are available and cheap don’t bother with spending lot of bug on tablet or powder, just eat Pumkin Seed (almost free in Asia), red meats and fish. Don’t forget, you need to have lot of Iron in your body to transfer these otherwise it is useless.

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