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Foods that help Penis


Do you think that the amount of soda that you drank as a kid effected how big your penis was when it started developing. Since it does restrict blood flow, maybe that could be a reason that were all here in the first place

Just a thought.

It has caffeine. What really effects penis development in childhood and puberty is the lack of good diet. Too much sugar and they will have type two diabetes by age 8 and erectile dysfunction before their balls drop. However the lack of zinc and vitamin “E” and “C” is the sorry case. Not enough of these three substances and the natural penis growth could be stunted a bit. Especially through puberty.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Is There Any Way To Increase Your Semen Production?

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According to Wikipedia.. Vasodilators will widen then blood vessels in the body, allowing more blood to fill that area. In theory if you take some form of vasodilator, then do some PE exercises, more blood could be filled into the blood vessels. This mite create big gains in the girth department, but it’s just a simple theory.

Also an interesting point is that Theobromine is one of these vasodilators, and it is found in the cacao plant, therefore it is found in chocolate!! Imagine, eating a bunch of high % cocoa chocolate then doing some PE, and getting increased gains. Sounds too good to be true? He he.

Any comments to this vasodilator idea?

Ummmmmmmm! :-k

Eating fruit makes cum taste sweeter? Interesting! Never heard that before, but if garlic, onions, etc gives cum a bitter taste, it would make perfect sense that something sweet like fruit would leave a sweet taste.

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