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Food and PE

Food and PE

Hi guys I’ve been interested in knowing if there is any food that along with PE make your dick grow faster or more, high protein? Low fat? This short of thing, there is a while that I started to eat acai berry, they say it’s a power fruit, high protein and good fat and recently I saw an announcement of a supplement on PE made from the very core of this fruit so I wondering if someone has tried and if it works, there is about 3-4 weeks I started PE and I got really good results so I guess I’m doing something right so I want to find out and share with the Thunders

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

GOAL 7x6 - on a 5'5 guy it will look huge

I don’t know for sure if it will help you grow, but if you want to maintain strong erectile function, I think it is best to eat a heart healthy diet.

Heart healthy diets include lots of fruits and vegetables, are very low in saturated and trans fats, and low in processed foods containing chemicals you can’t pronounce. The diet, or should I say lifestyle keeps your heart healthy by keeping your arteries open and elastic.

When the arteries to your heart are healthy, then the arteries in your body are healthy, including the ones that supply your cock and give your rock hard erections.

So choose a heart healthy lifestyle and keep your cock in tip top shape as well.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thanks, I was wondering if there people here in the thunders had discovered some food that help with growth, people here are always coming up with techniques and stuff

Start BPEL 5.5 EG 5.2 09-20-2011

GOAL 7x6 - on a 5'5 guy it will look huge

I’m no expert but I would think anything thats encourages heart health/blood flow (as stated above) would help you grow faster. Healthy heart=more blood pumping=bigger/harder erections=more expansion= more gains.

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