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Food and nutrition

Food and nutrition

Does certain types of nutrition and food help the penis grow? And if so where can I find these?

No, but certain foods and supplement can help prevent erectile dysfunction and give you a harder erection.

Peanut butter, peanuts,walnuts,pumkin seeds. Celery,cabbage, lean protein. Stay away from the high fat protein high cholesterol ain’t good for the dick. Soy may be estrogenic steer clear if you can because it is in just about everything.

Herbs like gensing,ginko biloba, maca root,golden root,eucampa, horny goat weed yohimbe and the list goes on helps with erection

Yohimbe and gensing can raise blood pressure so stay clear if you have hypertension.

Vitamin “C” “E”
Fish oils

Substances that soften your erections:
Too much aspirin
Certain blood pressure medications such as ACE inhibitors
Thiazides,loop diuretics.
Obesity, fat is estrogenic.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

If jelqing helps PE by damaging the microfibers that compose the cellular structure of the penis, and the subsequent regeneration will increase it’s size, wouldn’t high-protein/nitrogen foods help? -Just like when you work out a muscle: you destroy the tissue and when the tissue regenerates it will do so stronger and in more numbers as long as you feed the muscles properly.

I am not stating that you are wrong, KingPole; but it may appear that a high protein intake might help the cells to regenerate. Is this last statement not true?

Thank you and regards.


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