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Focusing on just Stretching.

Focusing on just Stretching.

Hello people,

I’ve been doing PE on and off over the past 3 years, but due to the lack of commitment I haven’t been able to see some real gains.. The longest that I have stuck to doing a routine was just a month or so with long breaks of 2 to 3 months.. Then ill come back to routines for couple of weeks and then the break.. And so on.

I started 4.5 EL x 4.5 EG, and I’m currently 4.75 EL x 4.9 EG.

As you can see, I’m on the very short side.. I’m currently happy with my Girth, it’s on the average spectrum (an increase won’t hurt tho).. But what really bothers me is the length.

Over the past years, I’ve been doing mostly JELQS, keeping stretches to simple exercises. Through this forum I’ve found out about the LOT theory and the advanced stretching exercises.

My LOT is very low, and I assume I’m a hard gainer.

My plan is to just focus on stretches and length exercises. Right now I’m on my second week of doing stretches.. I’m implementing some A-Stretches (5min), DLD Bundled Double Tunica Stretch (5 min), and this Tunica specific exercise which involves making a fulcrum.can’t remember the name (5 min), Twisting while erect exercise (5 min), into my routine.

I’m ignoring Jelqs for the moment.. But don’t know if it’s recommend or not. As for me, I am inclining myself to manual exercises.. Without weights, hanging, etc.

My goal is pretty modest.. 5.5 EL X 5 EG will be just an ok start for me. Reaching the 6 plateau would be my ultimate goal. My long time gf is petite as well and she is pretty much satisfied with my size, but a little boost would be very helpful. Any thing bigger than 6 would be too much for her..

Any tips or feedback on my plan will be very helpful.


I want to say something about focusing on just stretching.

1. Stretching does increase length.
2. Stretching alone does nothing great for the E.Q.
3. I found out that my penis actually grew weaker when I focused on stretching alone.
4. I found my penis less girthier than it was post stretching only exercises.

My conclusion is doing a little bit of both is ideal.

Cheers Padawan.

P.S: Criticism of this post is most welcome.
P.P.S: LOT is just a theory that most P.Eers do not abide to. The theory has been criticized constantly and there is a thread about it.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Co-sign whatpadawan wrote; plus, stretching alone is less effective than stretching+jelqing, at least this is the experience of most members.

Thanks for the feedback,

I try to keep my routines short, 15 minutes stretching, 15 minutes jelqing

Any comments on that?

Sounds good to me.

I wouldn’t say 15x15 is short. I do agree with the guys it is best to jelq and stretch.

However, your main focus here dlx04 is your dedication to PE. You can have the ideal routine, but if your schedule is random or too short then gains won’t come.

If you are going to do the odd week and then be off for months, you may as well spend your time doing something else. If you are serious about wanting gains it is time to get serious about you commitment to your routine.

If you are short of time, you have to make some. Maybe you’ll have to getup earlier, or later to bed. Maybe you’ll have to engineer some private time, whatever it takes make sure you are consistent to your routine and schedule.

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Thank you for your comment Roz_

I know very much that I haven’t been committed, and that is why there’s no progress.

It is an on going struggle: the lack of time, or the inability to make.

But I am trying to start, once again. Hence, the postings and my participation in this forum (albeit, not much).

I appreciate the feed backs, and it is indeed a motivation and the “invisible” push that keeps me going.

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