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Focused Efforts and Counter-Productivity

Focused Efforts and Counter-Productivity

Prior to scouring these forums, I never realized the host of goals, methods, and treatments available to PE practitioners. As I read, my goals evolved. I have made, what I feel are significant, gains, and I do not wish to negatively impact the continued results of my current routine.

It seems as though most people prioritize their goals:

(1) Length
(2) Girth
(3) Shape
(4) Foreskin Restoration

This being the case, the prevalence of exercises which accommodates this goal schema dominates the discussion (rightfully so). However, my PE priorities differ significantly from the norm.

My priorities are as follows:
(1) Girth
(2) Length
(3) Foreskin Restoration
(4) Shape / Appearance

Here is my situation. Girth has been my priority and accounts for 100% of my measurable gains. This is very encouraging. I am confused because, when I think about it, most of my PE regimen seems focused on length. Since I am closing in on my 6 month goal for girth, should I concentrate even more effort on length and other priorities? (If I could figure out where to start a progress log I would, help?)

While I understand that most people fall under the first list, does anyone share a deviation from the norm? For example, I like my “baseball bat” and I do not feel my “cock’s comb” (turkey neck) is unattractive. Those are just my preferences.

I bring this up because PE is fraught with focused-effort exercises/methods. By definition, a focused effort targets one area/goal, and maximizes it’s potential. Do any counter, offset, or even diminish of other exercises? While many of the PE-related techniques are fairly intuitive (gravity, right?), unintended consequences are (by definition) not intuitive. This discussion seems like an appropriate thread for general discussion.

This may seem like meticulous scrutiny, and we may not have sufficient data for statistical testing, but as we commit to long-term exercise regimens which significantly impacts our self-image we should approach this with apprehension and efficiency.These questions are worth probing.

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

Can you describe your current routine?
How long have you been doing PE?

Regarding your progress log question, you can start a thread in the Newbie Forum, then PM a moderator to move it to Progress Reports/Personal Routines Forum.

This is my routine for the last month:

February 2009
Newbie routine two days on, one day off.
After the newbie routine, I add a two 1 lb ankle weights between base to mid-shaft for about 1 hour, then switch to one ankle weight positioned at the scar for different stretch leverage
Twice per week I pump for one ten-minute set @ 4-5 Hg, continually heated by the rice-sock
Heated and cooled with a rice-sock
Kegels implied

Everything is the same for march with one change. I read here about a “desk extender.” This is similar to a hanging or ads device, except the tension cord is attached to a cup-hook beneath a desk. After some creative engineering (and beta testing) I have begun using this with low-tension to stretch while I work. Since I am seated, the heated rice-sock stays wrapped around the penis for the entire session. I have used this everyday in the last week. Keep in mind, when I say low tension, I mean LOW-tension, just enough to extend comfortably.

Additionally, I am considering using a Jelq device (about $5 at Ace Hardware).

Today is ~90th day of PE. I have increased the duration/intensity rather apprehensively and gradualistically. I keep the rice sock on for as much as possible. As a matter of policy, I do not do exercises methods which cause pain/discomfort.

I will have a Progress Log up pretty quick with pics. Thanks.

Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

From what I was able to learn on this forum and from personal experience, standard PE exercises are unlikely to reduce your turkey neck - quite the opposite. There are special techniques that people use for that purpose so you should simply avoid using them. From personal experience I would say that my turkey neck was caused mainly if not solely by dry jelqing as it pulls on the scrotal skin a lot more.

The majority opinion seems to be that the baseball bat effect is caused by jelqing at a very low level of erection (because of uneven pressure exerted along the shaft). Also, many have reported that hanging caused and increase in girth at the base (tree trunk shape - the opposite of baseball bat).

Many believe it is easier to achieve fast length gains by focusing on length first, but there is by no measure of imagination a consensus on this.

The importance of warm up prior to exercise is constantly stressed and there are a number of people who have expressed a belief that constant heat during a routine can be quite beneficial.

Specifically Foreskin Restoration vs Length

Generally, after a workout, I wrap and add ankle weights for 2-3 hours. I then remove everything and let the skin breathe for 10-15 minutes. I then add apply a 3 inch silicone sleeve to aid extension and prevent retraction.

The problem I have run into is that I would also like to use a TLC Tugger for foreskin restoration. To pull my foreskin over the glans, my shaft must retract significantly, defeating the point of the extension sleeve.

I have anticipated a few responses (below), and want to know what the forum thinks.

- Choose one or the other at this point in PE career
- Tlc tugger doesn’t interfere with length gains
- Tlc tugger helps gains
- Use something else for foreskin restoration at this point
- A common modification accommodates length and foreskin

I am not trying to be too meticulous or overambitious, there is a point here. I just want to cover all of my bases here, and get the most result for effort.


Progress Thread - I assure you, I'm growing.

I don’t have any personal experience with this device so my opinion doesn’t account for much, but I see no reason why it would hinder length gains. Post workout extension is not necessary to achieve length gains. Hope someone more knowledgeable on the subject gives you a more relevant answer.


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