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Focus on ....

Focus on ....

Hey guys. Ive been wondering if its possible to somehow chanege the newb routine or if there is any other routine that would focus more on girth than lenght. Reason why.. I dont really need much lenght. I need more girth. I know that both of them will come together but if there is a way to focus more on one than the other, please tell me…
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Not proven but the consensus is tht it is easier to get length before girth than it is after. Are you sure that a little bit more length might not be good? I would start doing the generic newbie routine for now and not tweek anything untill it actually starts getting longer. If you really do have an amazingly long skinny dick you could certainly back off on the stretches at that point and bump up your jelqing time.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I mean my dick is not amazingly long, its just that when i have sex with my gf she says that sometimes i hurt her if i go too deep so.. i wouldnt really want it much longer than it is. Girth tho… never enough of that heh.

Ill try that… good idea. Thanks Bud

Jelq with a 60-80% erection. This will focus more on girth. Keep stretches to the minimum. After 3 months give this thread a bump and I will post a very good girth routine.

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