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Fluid Buildup whit Uli's and clamping

Fluid Buildup whit Uli's and clamping

Hello! I have been PEing since may this year. Last three months I have mostly been stretching and hanging, thinking I will start with my length goals before I go for girth. Since I hit a plateau and also never seemed to reach an EQ above 7, I figured that the TGC theory might be my answer so two weeks ago I started working mostly on my girth, with Uli’s, doubble Uli’s and some clamping.

Now to my question: When I squeeze I usually hold at my base for about 30 sec sets, then rest for 30 sec, kegel in some more blood and squeeze again. But when I reach about 15 min of time, into my routine an my unit is engorged, I noticed that there is some kind of soft cushion (spelling?) under my skin, between the skin and the tunica?! It feels like it could be some kind of fluid/lymph? Same thing with while clamping. Still have good PI’s and no pain, but usually I have stoped right away when this happen.

I have read many posts and instructions about uli’s and clamping but this isn’t talked about anywhere? Does anybody have the same experience? Is it bad for gains? What is this thing happening to my unit?

// Swe_jo

Instead of 15 minutes of Ulis each session, cut your time in half and see what happens.



I’ve done that. The first 15-20 minutes it’s just rock hard and ½inch more girth than a normal erection (especially the glans). So if I stop there, nothing more happens. If I continue; the upper side of my unit gets like a soft layer under the skin. It’s still hard under the softness, like strong abs under abit of fat around the belly. This softness, whatever it is, goes away within an hour or so.. So the softness itself is not a problem. I just wonder if this could be a sign of overtraing? Is it normal? What is this softness? Should I take this serious?

I haven’t got any negative PI’s (my EQ has been low for 1-2 months, but that’s for a much longer period than I’ve been squeezing!)

I just got curious when this happened and nobody seems to have the same experience. Since it haven’t effected my PI’s I think I’m gonna continue with my approximatly 20 minutes Uli sessions and see what happens. At least I might have something to report back.

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