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Fluctuating gains

Fluctuating gains

Hey everybody,

About a week and a half ago I took a measure, and I finally hit 6”.

So I kept on doing the same routine (newbie routine with fowfers added), but I seem to be losing a little length, or at least having fluctuating length.

I’m measuring NBP, so from the base of the shaft. Sometimes I’m just around 6, but other times I’m around 5.7-8. Sometimes I don’t have a really strong erection though, but when I measured the original 6”, my erection wasn’t really that hard either.

Anybody know whats going on?

I’m kind of in your boat as well. I was measuring at 6 a few months before I started to PE. Then after a few weeks of PE I hit 6.5, but I’ve been stuck there for the past few months. Not sure if I plateaued or if the improved erections have showed my true length. Are you experiencing stronger erections?

I think you are on the right track with erection strength. Quite a few factors seem to have an effect on erection levels from day to day, rest, hydration, diet, etc.

Started 6.75x4.75

Current 8.125x5.25

Thanks guys.
Jp, what do you mean by “right on track?” you confused me there a little

No, for the most part, I’m experiencing weaker erections, which I think is why I’m measuring up shorter. But like I said, when I measured up 6” the first time around, it wasn’t the best erection in the world either.

I also notice that if I take a good break and let it relax and heal that when I come back after the break it is bigger than ever before. I have the same fluctuations and plateaus.

NBP changes alot. That is why I think it is best to take the average of a range of NBP erections. Has your BP changed as well?

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