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My FLS has always been equal to my EL and wanted to ask for some input from other members on the variance for them. I have only pe’d for a couple months now, but I am dedicated to getting my first gains soon.

No matter how hard I pull, FLS is exactly the same as my EL which is exactly 6”. I also have a big variance for BP and NBP which measures just over an inch (I am relatively healthy, maybe 15# overweight?).

What is my limiting factor most likely? Ligs? I always get a rock hard erection so I am in hopes that any FLS gains would be realized as EL gains also. Any input from all of the great contributors on this forum would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks on advance

Go BIG or go home! 1/1/04 7" X 5.25" BPEL 6" NBP 1/31/04 7.25" X 5.25" BPEL 6 1/8" NBP


The difference between FSL and EL varies from person to person. I usually have 1” between them, and if I get an increase in FSL I see it as a sign as EL gains to come. Just keep a track of both measurements and note any changes. More than likely, you will see FSL gains first. When you do you are on the right track.

The same applies to BP vs NBP length. If you cut that 15 pounds off you should get a better NBP and a more impressive visual effect.

As for what your limiting factor is, I recommend reading up on the LOT theory, as it will clear that up for you and help you optimise your routine.

Good Luck


My FLS and EL have always been roughly the same also. I don’t think that has anything to do with how we sould exercise. Maybe more having to do with “shower” vs “grower” perhaps, but nothing PE related that I ever heard of. SS4 is right (of course), a penis always looks more visually impressive on a skinny guy. And I did indeed get about an extra inch on my NBPEL when I knocked off 20 pounds. Here is a link to the LOT theory post. It will get you started on the right path.

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thanks so much for your response SS4 and Pirate, I know your two are very active in the forums and appreciate your comments.

I am a wishful thinker and was hoping that my ligs were the sole limiting factor and once I could make gains there (which is easier than say tunica), I would see good gains right away.

I have a high lot and work the ligs as much as possible with downward stretching and some light hanging (just started), and I have read most of the LOT theory.

Thanks again

Go BIG or go home! 1/1/04 7" X 5.25" BPEL 6" NBP 1/31/04 7.25" X 5.25" BPEL 6 1/8" NBP

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