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Flex PC Mussle While Stretching?

Flex PC Mussle While Stretching?

Is this safe? I feel a bit of a tear when I do it.

No Fance Strecth just pulling straight out n flex pc.

or down and up

I actually reverse the flex to get a slightly better stretch. This motion is called a reverse kegel.

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You think that would be better?

I have to learn how to reverse it better


Reverse Kegel = relax the muscle and push as if you were trying to piss really hard.

That’s a Reverse Kegel. But be careful. Don’t pull like a maniac and over-do it :)

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Holy shit I think you discovered a new exercise! You should call it the “New2This Flex-Stretch”!!!

You da man!!!

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Prickle… Please. Try to behave. If you keep that up, how will the newbies have the courage to ask anything?

"Be aware that there are several schools of thought here as well. Some seem to go with the hard and heavy approach. The sessions are brutal. You can hear them talking to their dick: You better grow mofo or I will punish you even harder tomorrow! Others seem to favor a more tender approach. Always listening to what their member is saying while massaging it gently and singing to it with a soft voice. If it is moody and not happy with new behavior, they always listen and are very understanding."

I was just kidding. I should have figured that since N2T is a newbie, he wouldn’t get the joke. I wasn’t joking on him, I was poking fun at the “I Must Have An Exercise Named After Myself” people. But I guess I couldn’t expect him to realize that. It was more intended to go over his head and hit the veterans with a laugh. Sorry.

New2This: my apologies. You’ll get the prank once you’ve been here long enough. Sorry, man.

Becoming.... Godsize

Its ok prick


Doing kegels while stretching is good for tunica work (upwards stretching), and reverse kegels are best for lig work, (stretching down). Don’t over do the kegels though, be careful not to overtrain the muscle.

Good Luck


don’t take it the wrong way, Prickle was just kidding around. You’ll see what I mean if you hang around for some time.

But nice version of his nick, New, lol

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

how can you over train the muscle?

I use the reverse kegel consistantly during my stretches (lig)

and BTW prickle, lol :D
Don’t you just hate it how guys wan’t the fame of having an excercise named after them.
Just like the time i made this excercise up where you pull your dick out in front of you and they named that a “stretch”!!!
It should have been called the “Cas”!

Goddamn it!

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

Oh man, I still don’t under stand how to do a regular kegel. I saw the video by Gandolf called dld blaster and I still dont understand it.

A regular kegel? Go take a piss, and stop it midstream. Yeah it stings, but stop pissing, and note the muscle you are using. Finish peeing, and try to isolate the muscle. I could never get it fully isolated, sometimes my ass cheeks move too.

When you think you’ve got the muscle, two ways to test it really. With an erection, when you squeeze the muscle, your dick should twitch up, mine does. Also, my head size swells up noticeably. Just stare at your head, do a kegel, and your glans should get bigger.

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