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Flat Penis

Flat Penis

Hi. I’m currently 7.75EL and 5.5EG. My width is about 2mm away from 2inches and my Corpus Spongiosum has been coming in nicely from clamping. However, the top part of my penis (I don’t know what this is called) is completely flat. Is there anyway I can focus on this part of my penis in order to help turn my penis into more of a cylindrical shape?

Pumping with a normal, cylindrical tube of the appropriate size might force certain parts of your penis to “fill in” as you pack the tube.

I would try not to worry too much about changing the general shape of your cock. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to change it dramatically, or predict what would produce the changes you want. Aim at general enlargement (if you’re looking for that) and see what happens :)

Also, I should say that I think most dicks are pretty flat on top. Nothing weird about that.

OK. Is it alright if I ask a few more questions?

A) So far I’ve been clamping 3 times 10 minutes a day every, once every 2 days. I’ve done this the past 2 weeks. I get a huge increase in size while clamped followed by tiny red dots that last the day. I heard that clamping greatly increases EQ. But I have horrible to nonexistent EQ with a poor flaccid hang for the rest of the day. The EQ suffers the day after as well. Then the next day I clamp again. Am I doing too much?
B) If the Power Jelq device greatly increases the width of the penis, would a Jelq with a grip to create the same effect also greatly increase width? Would it decrease the height/CS?
C) Are CS increases permanent? I’ve been getting amazing growth of the CS while clamped, however, it doesn’t seem to be permanent.
D) Has anyone tried a workout where instead of taking a break they switch the workout. For example a workout where one clamps the first day then stretches for 30 minutes the next day and so on? Would this be effective?

A) Yes, you’re doing too much. Did you follow the newbie routine for a few months? How did you work up to all that clamping? That’s pretty much the most intense PE routine imaginable. Many penises couldn’t withstand that no matter how much training was done.

B) Hard to predict that kind of thing. Only experience in your own case will tell.

C) Whether any PE gains are truly permanent is controversial. You can find very lengthy discussions on the topic with a search.

D) I think that’s okay if it helps you to stay motivated (not bored) with your PEing. Most men do seem to find that working out 5 days a week, at least, is better than only every other day, once you’ve conditioned your penis sufficiently. If you require a whole day off every time to recover, you’re probably overdoing it.

You are definitely over-training if your EQ goes to shit afterward, and lasts the next day. And you are experiencing turtling also, not good.

I highly recommend putting away the clamp for a while. Stick to the newbie routine, ramping it up as you become conditioned to handle more. It is easy to get carried away, wanting to do as much as you can to gain fast. You have to be ready for it though, and the process takes time. Patience will pay off, you must do it gradually, or you will be disappointed with the results, and likely end up with ED or an injury.

I also recommend reading the thread discussing your “PI’s” Do a search. Be careful, and good luck!

I followed the newbie routine for 4 months I forgot to mention. I’m in my 5th month of PE right now. I gained .5 BPEL and almost .15 in EG. Not only has my EQ decreased but also the frequency of erections. Does anyone have any suggestions other than put away the clamps? My newbie routine stopped giving me gains in the 2nd month and manual girth work has been ineffective as well.

You gained in 2 months what, on average, they gain in one year. I guess the newbie routine stopped giving gains because you overdid. You have bad PI’s: do you need other signs of overtraining?

Beretta is right, forget clamping for a while. Take 1-2 weeks off and re-start with the newbie routine. If it has worked, it’s well worth giving it another try.

@ Marinera: Yes your right I did grow. However, it was almost only in length which I no longer care about. I think I’m gonna take a break until my EQ returns then try clamping again but easing into it more.

Also I forgot to mention. In regard to my first question. My penis is EXTREMELY flat on top. Very hard and completely flat. However I’m pretty sure this is due to a prominent upward curve. But thank you Para.

My dick looks like it went to the headshrinker or something. Actually, its not that bad, but its definitely a little on the small side compared to my dick.

My goal is to be the best me, mind, body and soul, PE is part of achieving the best me.

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