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Flaky skin and redness after clampinig

Flaky skin and redness after clampinig

I was clamping this Sunday and noticed that the skin right underneath my glans was flaking. I took off the clamp and washed off the flakes. There was a red line left right at the same spot. I know that it was not there before I put the clamp on. Is this something that will heal up, or should I have a doctor look at it?

You may have left the clamp on too long or clamped too tightly.

Whatever it is you need to give things a rest for a week or two. In the meantime use some soothing ointment to help it heal.

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What is the best ointment?

Are you clamping below the glans or at the base of the penis?

Hey bro, it could be irriatation, but the flaking suggests it might be something called psoriasis, which commonly affects the penis. It is often started by trauma to the skin (i.e. clamping). This is called the “koebner phenomenon”. If you have a family history of psoriasis or a personal history of similar skin lesions elsewhere (especially the knee, elbows and scalp) then this certainly is a possibility. The first line treatment would be over the counter hydrocortisone ointment twice a day. Best luck.

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I clamp at the base and use an ace bandage as a wrap. I will try the hydrocortisone. Thanks for all the help.

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