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Flacid V.S. EL


Little al,

Everything will come due in time, my best suggestion is to measure once a month. You have a great stretch length, but don’t worry the gains will come just stay consistent w/your exercises.

Begining Stats 5/25/04 Fl 3.75", fg=4",bpel=5.5",eg=4.5" 6/25/04 Bpfl=4.64",fg=4.68",bpel=6.04",eg=4.95" 2ND MONTH 7/23/04(going out of town)early measurement BPFL=4.75" FG=4.75" BPEL=6.3" EG=5.3" 3rd Month(WOW is all I can SAY) 5.5" BPFL 5.5" FG 6.63" BPEL 6" EG Goal Fl 6.5" Fg 5.75" Bpel 8.5" Eg 6.5"

Thanks squashdzl. I have to continue to measure everyday reguardless. PE is becoming an addiction. I’m just happy that I found Thunders’ place.

Little Al: In my case girth gains came first then BPEL. Flaccid length gains took longer with me, and from I’ve read most others too. The problem with the flaccid penis is that everything effects its length. Heat, cold, mood and even trauma, especially trauma. When you beat your dick to death with aggressive PE or even rough sex the body wants to pull the little fellow inside the body to heal where it is warm and safe. The one thing that I have learned from this group and my own experince is we must never let this happen. Keep that flaccid dick extended while it heals. It is the only way to gain length. Allowing micro-tears to heal while Mr. Wiggly is retracted inside the body will actually shorten your flaccid length. There a lot of ways to do this, tons of threads on the subject, most of them mine, I think. But read, research and experiment, but most of all, take it slow and easy in the beginning.

Good Luck

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes


I’m only doing the Wrap and Jelqing (slightly) everyday and my flacid size has greatly increased. All I want is 6 flacid and I can die a happy man :) …but 8 would be AWESOME :)

Thanks “Big”. I’ve only recently read threads on traction wrapping and golf weights…etc.. I haven’t really been doing any of that, but am starting to see from other threads that this is an important ingredient to obtaining gains. I guess that the most that I’ve done to “cement” gains is a lot of stretching through out the day (actually whenever I can). I just need to come up with something that’s practical. Maybe traction wrapping will work. I really appreciate all the advice that everyone gives at Thunders. Maybe in time I’ll be able to do the same as I become more experience and versed in PE.


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