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Flacid size when hung over?

Flacid size when hung over?

OK, first of all I’d like to thank Thunder for the great forum and say hi to everybody.

I’ve been lurking around for a few months and decided to “come out of the closet” so to speak, so this is my first post :)

So… I was drinking in the bar with my buddies last night and probably drank a couple too many. As you might guess I’m not feeling too great now :) . But the thing is that my flaccid size is just incredible! I mean my dick is like twice the size it’s normally, no difference in erect size though. I’ve noticed this before and I’m actually getting this every time I’ve been drinking. So I’d like to know if anyone else is having this and I’d like to know what’s causing it. I’d be more than happy if my flaccid would be this big all the time ;) .

Sorry for any grammatic errors, and I hope this comes out right. I’m not used to these forums :) .

Trust me on this one. That effect is temporary at best. Long term excessive alcohol consumption will wreak havoc on your flaccid size, your night hardons and your ability to get an erection.

Now that I have quit alcohol altogether, I am relieved to say all of the above effects are reversible and the cock looks and works much better with zero alcohol, especially and including flaccid hang.

possibly down to your bladder being full from the night before. Have you had a lot of pisses today?

I find I always feel really horny with a hangover. Funny isnt it?!!


I heard alcoholics have HUGE flaccid cocks :D


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