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Flacid Jelq for length?

Flacid Jelq for length?

G’day Gents

I know Thunder probably mentioned this somewhere in his comprehensive jelquing notes, but I’ll throw the question to you boyz in the trenches: Does flacid jelquing (wet) help to improve length gains? I would imagine the tunica would respond somewhat, but what about the ligs?


I think total flaccid jelqing will do some work but flaccid stretching will definately be more beneficial look up on the DLD blasters for a good stretch. Also do search for an all stretch routine or make up your own. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but low erection level jelqing should be an emphasis on length more than girth. The ligs would be more affected if you jleq downwards. Throw out the flaccid jelqs and do some stretches and low erection jelqs for a good length routine. Hope this helps and good luck.

Flaccid jelqing would probably be more of a skin stretcher than anything. Tunica work takes either of two things to work: increased pressure over that normally occurring with an erection. This can come from manual manipulation (jelqing) or from the vacuum of a pump and cylinder. Or grabbing the tunica through the skin (with some sort of hanger) and putting traction on it to stretch the fibers. Sliding the skin over the tunica without internal pressure or without pulling on the tunic directly wouldn’t contribute much to tunica gains.


“Throw out the flaccid jelqs and do some stretches and low erection jelqs for a good length routine.”

At the mome, I’m placing quite a lot of emphasis on low erection jelquing, and my stretching routine takes place just before I hit the lovesack (I wish).


You are 100% right about skin-stretching when flaccid jelqs are performed using the normal method- I use a slightly modified method that prevents skin stretch during my normal wet jelqs- I do it to prevent excessive turkey neck (which a lot of the boyz here seem to have trouble with during jelquing). If I use this method of jelquing when flaccid, wouldn’t it have any positive effect on the tunica (because now skin stretch is minimised)?


You didn’t describe the technique, but I might guess you’re using one hand to hold the skin back while jelqing with the other. If so then your hand movement over the non-moving skin is probably doing much the same as a flaccid stretch. Unless you can increase pressure inside the tunica (and that usually isn’t possible without at least a partial erection) or you are squeezing so hard with each stroke that you are pulling on the tunica through the skin (hard to do because a wet jelq doesn’t allow you to grip tightly without slipping) then you’re just doing a slow flaccid stretch. Hanging, pumping or semi erect jelqs are the way to tunica growth from what I’ve seen and read around here.

Spot on- it’s probably the only technique around to prevent skin-stretch… I suppose a tight-fitting cock ring at the base would do a pretty good job as well (which might just be a good investment).

Well, from what you’ve said, sounds like I’m doing enough already to stretch that tough-as-shit tunica! I don’t plan to get into pumping, but hanging may be an option if I don’t see any results in the length department in the next few months.

Thanks again for the info westla.

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