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flaccidty and fowfer failures...

flaccidty and fowfer failures...

I heard that fowfers are great for flaccid gains. However, my testicles get in the way… is just holding your penis straight down for an extended time going to produce a similar effect?

Also, do tunica stretches help the flaccid size?


I also had that

Hi there rk866,

I also had the same questions like you, I try to do that too but my balls get in the way. Maybe senior member could help here? SMW maybe?

What I do is pull my balls to one side so your dick is between my balls and leg, then sit on my dick with my ass cheek (ie. balls to the left, dick to the right = right ass cheek). I’ll do this for 10-15mins then switch sides.

I also have to sit with my legs slightly apart so that I don’t crush my balls (but then, I have got large thighs).

Hope this helps.

How to do it?

Hi SlamInTheLamb,

Thanks for your clear explanation, I’ve tried to find that exercise using search engine but its quite useless-but maybe I’m the one who is idiot didn’t know how to use search engine:) . Anyway, I’ve read that some guys here do fowfer in the office or while driving, what I have in mind is, how they could stretch their cock so its stretched enough to be seated. I mean how they got it down there, do we have to let our trousers down to ankle or we just open the zip ??, right now if I want to do fowfer I have to take off my pants and pull my cock from outside of my right thigh and than tuck it under. How these guys could do it while still have their pants on???. Any idea??-Sorry for the stupid questions. Thanks

Not sure on that one myself. Guess you’d have to cut holes in your pockets. lol ;)


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