Flaccid Stretch questions

I heard that “lazy” or “ass” stretches is especially good for flaccid size because you leave it stretched for extended periods. The problem with me is that my testciles are located very close to my penis… add to that my “bag of worms” (I still need to see a doctor on that). Also known as a varicosele, I believe, I think there’s a problem with a testicle (usually left) not getting enough oxygen. If that’s the case, I’m afraid the lazy/ass stretches will cut off the oxygen even more if they press on the veins of my testicles (because they get in the way of the ass/lazy streth lol).

With that said… will holding your penis out and flaccid-stretching increase the flaccid size with a similar effect?

Also… what if your LOT eventually hits a dead 6. I know you could raise it by stretching the tunica, but could leaving it stretched out still increase flaccid size if the LOT is 6? (not erect size, I’m more concerned with flaccid size right now).