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Flaccid stretch increases?

Flaccid stretch increases?

Hey I just noticed today, during a flaccid stretch I measured, that I was now pushing close to 8” FBPL, I could only get to 7-3/4” last week. But my BPEL is still just over 7-1/4” and hasn’t changed much, could this new FBPL be the sign of an up coming gain? Although I’ve also been making some girth gains so maybe that is taking from the new possible length and keeping me pretty much the same when erect. I’m sort of paranoid with girth gains now and don’t want to post them until I know they are here to stay, because last time I got burned (metaphorically) and lost 1/4” that I had gained and had to reduce my current girth stat in my signature, which just felt wrong!

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Sometimes a BPFSL increase occurs before an equivalent increase in BPEL. Or both can temporarily shrink before a gain with intense training. :eek:

I used to run exactly a 1/2” difference, then my BPFSL moved up a tad to about a 5/8” gap. My BP hasn’t caught up. I think the difference grows over time, but in general a BPFSL increase matches or portends a gain in BP length.

If that doesn’t make much sense, here’s what I’ve been dealing with recently:

Before a workout:

7 1/4” BPEL
7 7/8” to 8” BPFSL (8” more often)

After a workout:

7 3/8” BPEL - I hit 7.5” wearing a cock ring one day last week, but I’m doing well now to even reach 7 3/8” - this is the temp shrinkage I mentioned.

8 1/8” BPFSL - past few days less than this. Again, shrinkage. It will rebound.

My experience is similar to Hobby’s. My BPFSL has usually been running about a half inch ahead of my BPEL: 950” and 10.00”, cold. But tonight they were neck and neck: both 10:00 after the workout.


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Thanks for the info on this, I didn’t know, before reading this, if the flaccid stretch went beyond EL. Thanks for the education.

Well it seems to be about 1/2” longer than the erect length for most guys. So it’s one more thing you can monitor for new gains. The other thing about the flaccid stretch is you don’t have to worry about flucuations in erection level when you meassure.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

some pe sites recommend measuring fsl to record gains. measuring both is good. if you get a gain in atleast one its motivating.

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