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Flaccid Questions.

Flaccid Questions.

First of all, if this is in the wrong forum then I apologize and hope and mod will move it for me.

Now let’s get down to business. I started PE exactly 7 days ago today with a flaccid size of around 3.5” x 3.5” (slap bang average). However, I just want this to increase. With that said, my question is, what size does anyone here class as a “grower” ??

Also, I have read/heard a lot of people talking/doing edging. What is this and how do you do it ? Is it the same process as edging when masturbating ? As I’ve done that for about a year and never heard it mentioned as a technique.

Just some thoughts of mine I hope to discuss.



Grower is when there’s a lot of difference between the flaccid size and erect size.

Edging is simple masturbation without the happy ending.

Originally Posted by Drako93
without the happy ending.

how sad :( :D

Steve, as said above agrow would be when most of your erect size is also showing flaccid.

All PE might increase flaccid size. Jelqs if done in the right intensity might leave you with a good hang for some hours or more.
Whenever you turtle up after PE then you might have done too much intensity.

When your erect size is more than double your flaccid size than you are a ‘grower.’ Typically, a ‘grower’ will have a package that is highly effected by all manner of stimuli; it could be your mood, emotional state of mind, and most especially atmospheric effects. So, if there is any chill coming from anywhere your package will retreat like a turtle to his shell. Since ‘growers’ are more susceptible to these influences it is more difficult for ‘growers’ to improve flaccid size by any substantial amount. The good news is that you can increase your erect size substantially; by factors of 3, 4, 5x (volume metric size.)

A troll named Shilow.

I used to be much more of a grower before I started PE. Now things turtle/shrink a lot less. Also kind of funny since my new shrunken state when it does happen is longer than my non shruken state pre-PE, even though it doesn’t look that way to me (but rulers don’t lie).

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