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Flaccid question

Flaccid question

Sup guys,
I’ve been pe’ing for about 4 months now and I’ve slowly gained towards my goal using the newbie routine. I’ve had no problems. The only thing is and the reason for this thread is that I can see that my member is measuring the same as it was when I began pe’ing in it’s flaccid state but when I’m erect I grow like a super zuchini.

My question is are any of you guys out there in this catagory? Is this common? It’s like your dick is in disguise. Looks small but then transforms into super dick. I know our dicks aren’t much use to us when flaccid but I wouldn’t mind some visible flaccid length.

Mine’s the exact same way.. It’s literally nothing then if I get turned on.. It wakes up and says hello! I personally wish I was a shower and not a grower.. But each has their advantages, just make sure you already have a decent hard-on going already if you decide to get naked in front of people I suppose. I have kind of stopped doing PE for a while since I don’t really have the time.. But I did see some flaccid gain using the newb method when I was doing it, so I suggest just keep doing that if you want some flaccid growth. Doing it doesn’t always guarantee any growth at all, and also if you do get growth, it might not even be in flaccid, it could be in erect. It’s all a luck of the draw and technique.

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Flaccid size is very important, because it is the condition your dick is most often seen in and almost always the condition it is FIRST seen in. As an active nudist flaccid size is much more important than erect size. I’ve written tons on this but unfortunately it is scattered all about. I may do a Flaccid thread one of these days, because a lot of guys underestimate the importance of a nice flaccid hang. Also, there are a lot of things that can be done to improve what you are showing. Right off hand there simple things you can do such as: Super-hydration, Fowfers and ADS. Unfortunately some guys are very slow to make flaccid gains. One thing to remember, and heavy dick hangs better than a shriveled up dehydrated one. Work Total Penile Volume and drink lots of water.

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I drink plenty of water and gave up caffeine which was recommended in another thread, but what exactly are fowfers and what are some all day stretches I can do and things I do to work total penile volume?

Been peing for a month now I sometime see a differnts in size and thickness but on cold moring I am very small 3 inches


Good Advice Big Girtha and everyone else.I’ll increase my water intake and keep on going with my routine. I welcome a large flaccid hang with open arms, but I must be a slow gainer in that area. I’ll keep on it. Thanks guys!

Fowfers what is that?

Search Dude

Welcome to the forum:

Now, use the Search Engine:
and don’t bother me now I got a crazy woman on my hands.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Alright sorry I’m a newbie, I just entered my embarrassing measurements.I hope my routine can help increase my unit

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