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Flaccid length


Flaccid length

OK so I’m just starting out PE. My flaccid length is very small like 1” - 3”. I’m about average otherwise (6”). It sucks to be so small. Any quick tips to increase my flaccid length? All exercises hurt because I’m always getting my pubic hairs. So far about all I’m able to do is the warm up and the V-Stretch

There are many threads on this topic. Many recommends fowfers. I find girth exercises the most useful to help flaccid size (both length and girth).

Here’s a tip, zorbert. You don’t have to shave down there; just take a pair of scissors or clippers and trim things shorter down there.

Not only will it mean that your pubic hairs won’t get in the way of your exercises as much, but it will make your flaccid look larger, so there’s an immediate benefit!

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Drink a lot of water.

Originally Posted by SonnyC
Drink a lot of water.

And cut back on caffeine and especially cigarettes if you smoke them.

No, don’t try erect fowfers. Not at all.

I practice semi-erect fowfers and they’re really good for flaccid.

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:-pulse: Segunda Meta-> Longitud BP: 18 cm - Grosor: 15 cm

Originally Posted by marinera
erect fowfers

? how do you sit on an erect penis ?

Straining your ligs, I suppose. And risking to tear your TA.

My Flacid was small before. Its still not huge but instead of 1-3 before I hang around 4 1/2. I think doing the newbie on a consistent basis will omprove the flacid length. I’ve read that and veins are the 1st sign your penis is responding to your routine. At first my dick hung longer all day then my wife was like ‘damn your dick has more veins!” Today I measured a 1/4 inch erect gain!!!

I love my wifes booty. And want to stuff it with the biggest pipe I can grow!

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Originally Posted by marinera
No, don’t try erect fowfers. Not at all.

Why not? Works good for me.

Originally Posted by gus1029
? How do you sit on an erect penis ?

Get it semi erect, still soft enough do fowfers. Then sit on it and watch porn or something so you get an erection when you sit on it. Throw in some kegels also. I get a really nice flaccid hang from this, almost like after pumping but without the edema. It stretch the ligs also.

I’m going to bang this drum and maybe someone will listen. Go commando. I wasn’t a shower until I started going commando. Yes you’ll have to deal with unwanted erections. Let gravity help.

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Whats a commando?

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