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Flaccid Length

Flaccid Length

Anyone know what exercise is good for flaccid length? I look fine hard but when I’m flaccid I look REAL 2.5 inches small. Anyone got any ideas?I’ve been doing the newbie routine for some time and I’m thinking about switching to hanging, will that help?


I found that stretches help my flacid length…particularly the V’s and Inverted V’s.

Try some lazy stretches.

Drink lots of water to keep the tissues hydrated, a heavy penis hangs longer than a dehydrated one. Keep tunica extended while healing, Fowfer when you can. Take Arginine or NXO2.

Originally Posted by illpo

Try some lazy stretches.

A.K.A. “Fowfer” or “butt stretcher.” See - bad link this page of saved posts by fow1.

I would just add one wrinkle to the Fowfer exercise. I have been doing the Fowfer sitting on a heated “bean bag,” and it definitely seems to make my penis more stretchy. My bag is over 6”X8” so it works well for sitting. Might be a little harder to do with a rice sock.

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