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Flaccid length size still not what it was. what am I doing wrong

Flaccid length size still not what it was. what am I doing wrong

It’s been a little more than a week of PE and my flaccid size still hasn’t returned to what it used to be when I first started PE. At first I thought it was over training, so I backed off a little. All discoloration and discomfort went away. Unfortunately, only slight increases in flaccid size. What am I doing wrong, here? Does anybody have anything they throw into their routine just for flaccid length and girth increases? Input much appreciated. Cheers.

Water. Drink lots of water. I know on days I don’t, my flaccid is small. I know it sounds weird, but for me it works.

Also don’t expect too much too soon in the way of gains.

You said you noticed discoloration and discomfort, and that you backed off a bit. Did you take a couple days off? You may want to do that to fully recover before starting up again. To me your decreased flaccid size still says you aren’t fully recovered, IMO.


Flaccid size varies from day to day. Too many variants decide what it will be on any given day. Like my esteemed colleague already said, water helps a lot, but it isn’t permanent.

More patience and whatever you do, don’t over train. When your cock retreats it is a sign of over training and or damage, so even though it seems like a long time, you are still in the final stages of repairing your gung-ho start. Take it a valuable lesson and you will be back to normal soon.

My question then would be that there’s no discoloration and no discomfort or pain. In spite of the lack of these things can the penis still not be fully recovered from over training? Also, during this recovery period should I abstain from sex and masturbation as well as PE?

Have been PE for 10 years. There are many factors that determine flaccid length. Consider this.. There are two main types of penises.

A Flesh Penis .one that it’s erected length and flaccid length are the same.

A blood Penis.One that can erect to prodigious girth and length but when flaccid, can and does at times seem to the flaccid size of this type has a considerable variable due to temperature, water levels in the body.. I have a blood type penis and perhaps you are in that situation with your PE experience. No problem.I’ve increased my erected length considerable in 10 years, on and off pumping, and have not lost my increased length. Good Luck. Mr. D

Come to think of it, perhaps when I saw those gains in flaccid size it was during this past summer. That would account for the temperature variable. Thanks for the input, y’all.

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