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Flaccid Length LOT

Flaccid Length LOT

So, I am pretty new to PE, and I had a question about the normal flaccid length and girth for guys. I always thought I was tiny flaccid, looking down at my dick and all.

My measurements (flaccid) are about 4.5” length (NBP), and 4.5” girth (Mid to lower shaft). Is this good? Average?

Also, my LOT time is around 5 o’clock. What stretches should I do to increase length?

I don’t believe in the LOT theory.

What about my flaccid? Is that ok? I measured erect, I’m about 6.75” BPEL, and 5.2” EG

Yeah ! You’re in the bigger medium class flaccid & erect.

-= Official Peyronies sufferer =- Starting size (12/2004): 5.6" BPEL - 4.6" EG.

Current size (02/2007) 5.6" BPEL - 4.6" EG.

Current GOAL : 6.0" BPEL - 5.0" EG. (50€ Donation for every goal I reach)

You are more than average Macaztec. Way more. :)

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