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Flaccid jelqing

Flaccid jelqing

Hey guys I was wondering if any one could give me some advice .I’ve just started the newbie routine again (took a break over Xmas and holiday away) and I’ve been doing everything it says my question is it ok to jelq flaccid and stretch too cos that’s what I’ve been doing since I started again cos I’ve read a lot of guys who have said you are meant to jelq 50-80 per cent erect and I’ve found that quite hard in the situation (don’t get erections easy) any advice would be helpful thank you .

I find a few kegels between jelqs helps get more blood into my dick. I only do this during the first 20 or so.

Don’t jelq completely flaccid, try to at least get 30-40% hard. Use porn or whatever you need to do achieve this. There are a few threads that you could search for that deal with this issue. Also please check this out: Forum Guidelines

Ok thanks for the advice.

I think flaccid dry-jelqs are a good alternative to stretching.

The purpose of jelqing is to move blood within the penis creating greater than normal pressure and stretching the tissues to help them enlarge. If your dick is full of blood (full erection) it won’t work. It also won’t work with no blood in it (flaccid). As marinera said, flaccid jelqing is a different kind of stretching, it won’t do what jelqing is intended to do without some blood to move around. So the standard “50-75 percent” erection gives you enough blood to move, but not so much that there’s no place for it to go.

You do what you have to do to become semi-erect. For some it’s porn or, uh, well… porn. I can’t really think of anything else. Porn in your mind (old girlfriend) or porn on the computer or a magazine or video. Anyone else have an idea on how to get semi-erect?

I’ve found that keeping an erection is easier when wet jelqing rather than dry jelqing.

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I use a very light kegel to stop the blood outflow

And it works great

Hey again guys thank you for all your advice . I’m gonna try this later I’m pretty sure I can get a semi erection for it :) . P.s after my workout last night (hope I didn’t over do it ) I experienced some shrinkage to my flaccid penis (bought half a inch) is this common? Or the fact I jelqed too flaccid?

Flaccid Jelqing

I did a search and couldn’t really find anything that answered my question.

I read that more flaccid states are better for length. If I jelqed at a 0-10% erect state, meaning completely to almost completely flaccid, would it just target length more or just be ineffective? I ask because as it stands now, it’s either completely erect or completely flaccid when I jelq because I guess I just have a stupid penis.

I saw that there was an individual on here that tried jelqing 5000 times in a day. He might know a thing or two about jelqing, or be a complete idiot…

It’s my opinion that 0-10% is too low to work something and 80-100% may be too high to safely work you penis. I usually go with something that let me squeeze my penis getting an increase of shaft’s volume because the squeeze.

You’ll find people supporting both sides. My advice is to start with low erection levels (I think it’s safer) and try them for three months if they don’t work for you, experiment with higher levels.

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