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Flaccid Jelging

Flaccid Jelging

Few questions when I jelq it’s pretty much almost flaccid, around 20-30%.

First Question. I’ve heard that jelqing with such a low erection can create the baseball bat effect. Is this True?

Second Question: Can I still gain good length from jelqing at 20-30%?. I do 150 3sec reps.

Third and most important question: I was jelqing at the level (20-30%) yesterday, maybe pushing up to 50% on the odd couple ( very rare though ). I was not gripping very hard. Well this morning when I woke up I had no morning erection. All through out the day I was finding it very hard to get an erection and then maintain it. When I did actually get an erection it was very weak. Sooo what am I doing wrong ? I don’t understand how I can get such problems from jelqing at such a low erection level. Has this happened to anyone else ? It’s very depressing because I know jelqing is an important part of PE. I will also add this is not the first time it has happened. I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How long have you been doing this 3 days, weeks… Keep going, try to be at 50% when jelqing and go easy. Yes you can get base ball bat effect from jelqing, but don’t worry about that now. Have you ever got small red spots on your shaft? If so, you going to hard. Its hard to explain how hard to jelq. I always start off real easy for the first 5 mins, then I squeeze a little harder and harder. I try to go to the point where if I went any harder I would get red spots. Get it. Jelqing with a 20 to 30 % would give you length, but seem like a waste. You could just stretch flaccid, and jelq at 50-60%. Stick to the same routine for a week, and you may find that it working.

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Thanks NonStock for your reply. The main thing I was worried about thought was that I had erection problems the next day from it. I thought I must of done something wrong. Well anyways since yesterday ( when I started the thread ) my erections are close to full strength again now so I’m gonna give it another day and get started up again. I’m still not sure what I must of done wrong though to get erection problems . Seeing as I was jelqing at such a low level with minimal intensity.

Thanks again. Cheers’

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