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Flaccid in the shower

Flaccid in the shower

Hey guys,
I’ve been off (again) for a long time.
Again.. I stopped PEing (due to lack of time - Studying).
Anyway, after this next exam I have (Friday) I’m planning on starting all over again from the top.

One question:
Since I’ve stopped PEing, I get frustrated when I look at myself when I shower,
So one day I started stretching my member, while flaccid, and let it go.
My penis became bigger (obviously).
I’m not stretching really hard since it is not erected.
Does it help in any way to PE??
I mean, if I keep doing it will it increase my size??


Yes, agreed. I haven’t seen a lot of gains because I’ve been doing other stuff (foreskin restoration), but do the newbie routine. It really only takes 20 minutes, and you don’t even have to worry about “wasting time”. Just put some reading up on your computer while you jelq!

Hey, Thank you for the kind words.
I really hope so. Any suggestions about commitment ?
The only thing I have ever put my entire-self into is music (I’m a piano/keyboard player).

I set myself with a few goals this year and I hope I will reach them all.
What about my question any idea?

Come to the forum often! That’s how I realize I commit most.

As for your question, sure, that might work. But it won’t give you the same results as the tried-and-true newbie routine.

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I think posting on here keeps me motivated.

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