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Flaccid hang after PEing

Flaccid hang after PEing

Hey All,

This is my first real post; I’ve lurked some in the past and tried PE a little but never given it a serious shot. One of my first questions as a newbie: I read somewhere in the newbie section that after a workout one’s unit should hang considerably larger and fuller for a significant period of time. I haven’t experienced that - could this be an indication that I’m under doing it in terms of intensity while jelqing and such? So far I’m just doing the newbie routine. Thanks..


Starting/Current: BPEL: 7'' Girth midshaft: 5.5''

Goal: 8.25 BPEL X 6.5 midshaft

J_J: you have not given enough information to get an opinion here, IMO. You may be overdoing it also. Personally I have found that if I get really warmed up (Ideal temp of penis, 112 o, ) I can stretch slightly harder and longer and not turtle after working out. That also goes for jelqing and if you have found the right jelqing pressure your dick will be coaxed into staying fullsome for a time. Over-do it and your dick gets insulted and tries to hide. Noticed your join date. Seems that, by now, you should have studied enough to have the answer.

Hmm -yes I joined a long time ago but haven’t really spent much time here since then. Your response helps some though. I don’t think I am “turtling” - but pretty much just normal, and not engorged for a time like others have mentioned. I guess I will have to experiment some. What information are you thinking I should give other than that I’m doing the newbie routine?


Starting/Current: BPEL: 7'' Girth midshaft: 5.5''

Goal: 8.25 BPEL X 6.5 midshaft

I do not think it is anything someone can tell you. It is an experiment. Your first intuition is that you are under-doing. Then, possibly increase the pressure on the jelqs, perhaps fewer of them but at higher erection level. Perhaps using a four count instead of a three count. You should find yourself mildly distended, not distinctly sore but sure, after your workout, that you have put your dick through a rigorous event. Read Sparkyx’s newbie commentaries. When I got the hang of it I started to get really good gains and I’m sure, so will you!

Are you doint the newbie routine exactly as written down? I’ve noticed it tends to be too much for a significative number of people.

Keep an eye on your PI (indicators). Great article by Sparkyx. Up the intensity a little bit until you see negative PI’s.
Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Don’t confuse your flaccid immediately after PE to your long term flaccid. My temporary flaccid is huge immediately after but also goes away fairly quickly. For me it takes a long time for the permanent or semi-permanent flaccid to grow, but it does happen. Keep it up and in weeks or months you’ll notice an all-day bigger flaccid hang.

I have been doing PE off and on for long time and as I recall it’s always been that way, but some periods I’ve had good growth. I wish I took better measurements, but I think I started at 5.75” BPEL, now I’m around 7.5” BPEL (solo I never get a quality erection to measure).

Thanks guys, Yes I’m doing it pretty much exactly as it’s written down, with the hot wrap and everything. I take it fairly easy, not stretching too hard or putting too much into the jelqing yet. I wouldn’t say I feel fully exhausted down there after a workout.

Starting/Current: BPEL: 7'' Girth midshaft: 5.5''

Goal: 8.25 BPEL X 6.5 midshaft

Originally Posted by marinera
Are you doing the newbie routine exactly as written down? I’ve noticed it tends to be too much for a significative number of people.

It is way too much for me.

I am doing the Linear routine ( NEW newbie + advanced routine) one day on, one day off. Plain and simple, I just have a sensitive unit. I can get the same results in 5 minutes that some may take 30 to achieve.

Sparkyx thread on PI’s schooled me on that. At least for me, less is way more.
My EQ is better now that it has been in 20 years.

Good luck, stay with it till you get in the groove. When you do, you will be addicted.

The fuller and longer hang after PE never occurs for me, but it does sometimes after the initial turtling (roughly 2-3 hours after training). As long as you are just starting you shouldn’t worry that much, just keep an eye on your PI and make sure you are doing the exercises right.

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