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Flaccid Girth Relative to Erect Girth?

Flaccid Girth Relative to Erect Girth?

I noticed something today that scared me. Typically I don’t measure my flaccid girth, but today I decided to for kicks. Well my flassic girth is about 4.25”, but my erect girth is only 4.50”. Is that typical? I usually associate and erection with a HUGE boost in girth and length, but I could be wrong. Could this mean although I am 18 my penis is still growing?

Thanks guys.

Still growing I’d say, you certainly have the potential to grow till about 21.

That must mean at 52 my cock is not growing, the rest of me is shrinking!!! Yikes!!!

Are you worried about only seeing 0.25” difference? It’s not maybe typical, but certainly nothing that’s unheard of. If you measured your flaccid girth within a couple of hours after a good jelquing session then it’s completely normal.

At the age of 18 penis might still be growing, but most probably not though. If you are still growing, your penis could be too and vice versa…

Flaccid girth -and erect girth gains walk hand in hand based on my personal experience. (was 4FG/4.5EG and now 4.5FG/5.2EG)

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Thanks guys! Yet, can anyone tell me if PE will harm the growing process if it is still growing? I’ve asked this question once before but the answers I received were vague.


I’m also 18 and I really doubt is it still growing… I haven’t noticed any difference in size since at least 15-16 years old.

If the growth process is not completely done, well you probably wouldn’t get more than 0.0001 inch .


The answers were probably vague because no one is quite sure. My best guess would be that PE is probably more productive during the late growing years (18-21) since the penis is still in a naturally enlarging state. As far as damage, there would be no reason to think that within safe limits you would harm the natural growing process.

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