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Flaccid Girth Gains

Flaccid Girth Gains

I searched this topic endlessly and could not get any good info. I want to gain some flaccid girth. Has anyone had any success with flaccid girth gains? Mine seems to be about the size of a highlighter when flaccid. It looks bigger because I am very loosely circumcised though. Help me with flaccid girth gains!


Pumping, when i had my batmate (Before i dropped it) After a week or two of using my flacid size was bigger.. im naturally a grower anyway. Pumping seemed to reduce the amount of shrinkage. However i have found jelqing also does this for me.

Start- Some time in 2004.. 6" BPEL, 4.5" Mid-EG (Really lazy at PE)

Current.. 7.8" BPEL, 5.7" Mid-EG

Goal(Time to get serious).. 8" BPEL, 6" Mid-EG

Are you on the newbie routine? I know when i started I too yearned for flaccid length and girth gains.

After eating healthier and doing the newbie routine I noticed my dick stays more engorged and bigger than it has ever before. I also recommend keeping good blood circulation, this means sports, eating well, sleeping well and all those other good habits.
Good luck on your future gains.

First Measurement November 1 2009: EBPL 7.5

Current Measurement June 1st 2010: EBPL 8.0

Short Term Goal: 8.5 inches || EBPL Long Term Goal:9 inches EBPL

Gained some flaccid base girth just using newbie-type routine from manual stretches. It’s usually around 5.5” flaccid base girth (sometimes more, particularly in early morning and evening). I can get to 2.25 flaccid base width which is wider than my erect base width (but erect base girth is still greater). That’s up + ~ 0.25” from before.

But not much flaccid girth gains to report past the base. I believe these gains are from manual stretching allowing some inner penis to be exposed? I think I may have relatively small and weak ligaments because when I’m fully erect I can kinda feel the tug or so it seems, since I began PEing a couple of months ago.

Starting Size: April, 28, 2010: NBPEL-7" Girth-6" (base, MSG, glans)

Currently: BPEL-8" NBPEL-7.25" Girth-6.25" (base)/6.125" (MSG)/6.125" (glans)

Is it common to get flaccid girth gains from just jelqing? Im doing the newbie routine right now, but really want to concentrate on flaccid girth.

Keep doing your newbie routine. It takes weeks and months to see improvements. Don’t stress just learn what you can from forums and your gains will come.

First Measurement November 1 2009: EBPL 7.5

Current Measurement June 1st 2010: EBPL 8.0

Short Term Goal: 8.5 inches || EBPL Long Term Goal:9 inches EBPL

Anyone experience big flaccid girth gains? Routines?

I did well with limp jelquing and wearing always loose boxer type underwear or no underwear at all.

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