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Flaccid gains

Flaccid gains

Hi, folks. Extreme newbie here. Haven’t even started, actually. Should be starting the prescribed newbie routine within the next couple of weeks (it’s hard to fit that much time into a busy schedule).

I’m starting at about 4.5”-5.5” flaccid length (depending on the circumstances) and 7” BPEL x 5.5” erect girth. Never measured girth while flaccid, but it’s pretty decently thick.

I’m hoping to get to 8x6.5, which I understand should be doable someday. My dream would be to be 9” or even 10”, but I understand that’s not totally realistic.

Anyway, my question is regarding flaccid length and girth.. What kind of gains can I expect there? I love to show off in the locker room. The problem comes after an intense workout, my guy tends to shrink up pretty tight (even smaller than the 4.5” I mentioned above) and it takes a few tugs to get it back to where it’s not embarrassing. I’m still bigger than a lot of the dudes at the gym, but I’d like to make folks jealous without having to fluff, if that makes sense.

Sorry if this seems shallow.. But isn’t this whole undertaking a little shallow, anyway?

Thanks ahead of time! Have a great day.

Welcome Lonestarrr. If you do a search, or just look at the bottom of this very same page, you probably will find an answer to your question, which has been debated many many many times.

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