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Flaccid Gain Potential

Flaccid Gain Potential

My question is , do you think it’s possible to increase your flaccid length to at least your current erect length? Theoretically, if this was possible, by the time your efforts produced this flaccid increase your erect length would have most likely also increased. But whatever erect length you start with is the maximum size of your penis. Do you think it’s possible to hang that big eventually?

Has anybody got close to that ? How much flaccid length have you obtained?

You just have to check the PE data.

I’ve searched here and other websites. Can’t find where anybody asked this specific question. Not really directly asking for members to share their flaccid gains. I know that has been done many times. I’m asking members to theorize with me about the possible correlation between flaccid gain potential and erect length, then also to indicate their flaccid gains if possible when they chime in on the question since it is relevant.

I believe the potential is there, yes. Look for the big gainers here and you will probably find their last posted flaccid stats come close to or exceed their starting erect stats.


It worked for me. I went from 2.5-3.5” flaccid with a 6” erection to 5-6+” flaccid with a 7.5” erection.

It worked for me. I went from 2.5-3.5” flaccid with a 6” erection to 5-6+” flaccid with a 7.5” erection.

Wow. Nice job ! That is what I would love to achieve.

1/15/2014 - 7.5 BPEL x 5 MSG

3/28/2014 - 7.5 BPEL x 5.1875 MSG

2/20/2015 - 7.75 BPEL x 5.25 MSG

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