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Flaccid down

Flaccid down

Hi everyone

So as of late (like 3 or 4 weeks now) my flaccid suddenly went down. It shrunk in every way not just in length but in girth as well. I’ve had experience this in the past when I masturbate or edge too much (and by too much I mean 3 or 4 days in a row) or even when I did PE (I haven’t done any for a year at least, mainly because of that) but it would return to it’s normal state after 3 or 4 days of rest.

This time it started because of the jerking/edging “too much” but it never recovered it’s formal shape. Now it is small and skinny, my erections suck getting to 80% max and losing it in 3 seconds (literally) while I get the ruler out and ready for measurement. My libido is completely off: I don’t fantasize anymore, when I am with my girl it feels like a chore to fool around, when I jerk/masturbate is strictly with porn so I can do it and I don’ find it exciting anymore, I’ve had like 3 morning woods during this past 3 or 4 weeks and overall my penis seems to be “out of order”. I thought things go back to normal but they didn’t and I’m tired of walking around with a flaccid that doesn’t fill my pants even a little. Is like when a girl puts on one of your shirts. She can swim inside of it.

Those are the physical symptoms but I don’t know if it is a psychological problem. Lately I’ve been depressed and stressed because of university. I don’t eat good but not bad either. I was on a streak of drinking a lot of coffee (at least three cups daily) but I stopped like two weeks ago. I smoke and my sleeping habits are backwards (I sleep like 4 or less hours at night and 5 in the afternoons).

Anyway, I would like to ask for advice on this problem. If you have ever experience this or something similar please enlighten me and if you haven’t and just want to give your opinion by all means do it. All the advice, anecdotes and knowledge are greatly appreciated. By the way I am 21 years old (which makes me be even more worried) and healthy (I’m not taking any medication). Thanks and please help!

Well, you told us your problems and you pretty much gave us the answers too. It seems like you know most of the physical and environmental problems to why you’re experiencing this. Sleep is something that a lot of people take for granted and eventually will catch up to you and reek havoc on your body. Then you add the extra dosage of coffee and stress and there you have it.

Easier said than done, but try to cut out the stress and most likely your sleeping habits will improve as well. I work overnight so I know about having your whole sleep schedule all messed up and it definitely took a toll on my body. I’ve always been athletic and have been working out for probably 15 years, but I never had to do much to maintain a great body. Working overnight with little sleep and a backwards cycle I noticed my body started finally putting on extra weight and it wasn’t as easy to build muscle. My erections went down a little too. My sleep is still backwards, but I managed to finally get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night and I’m recovering. Coffee is one thing you can easily control though, so cut down on that a little. Baby steps. Also sounds like you should cut out the porn for a bit.

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