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Flaccid after PE workout.

Flaccid after PE workout.

I’ve read everywhere that for a couple hours after your flaccid should be bigger, fuller, which is a good sign you did things right.

Well mine does not stay full or longer for much longer than about 10 minutes after PE.
It doesn’t quite turtle, but it goes rather small, especially compared to what I’ve read about others staying bigger.

I’m only doing:
10 minute warmup
9-10 minute stretch.
10-11 minute jelq
5 minute warm down.

Been doing this for about 3.5 weeks.
I don’t think I could be over doing it, but why does it wan to shrink after?
I’m in a colder climate, but my house is not that cold.

Hey, your doing too much stretching I reckon. The newbie routine on this website recommends only 5 mins to Begin with. Also don’t over-do the stretches. You should feel the stretch but not a strain (similar to any ligament in your body). You don’t want to damage one of those, I think I did today, and while it’s not bad now the potential for serious damage is much greater now and no-one wants that, especially in this part of the body. So I would recommend slowly, carefully and safely. Best of luck.

I can’t tell for sure but I think you are applying too much pressure. Perhaps it’s only a little amount of too much pressure, but too much = too much.
During my first 2 weeks I had a fuller flaccid for about an hour, but then I increased force and my flaccid would only stay fuller for about 5-10 minutes, then go back to normal or even shrink a bit. But ever since mid-November I am applying gentle force again and my flaccid was starting to hang fuller again. For the last 2 weeks it has actually stayed fuller until I am about to go to bed. That’s at least 10 hours after PE.

I’d say to use less force for a couple of days and see what it brings. And don’t forgot to take days-off.

I’ll try lighter the next couple days, see how that goes. Can’t hurt.


Take a few days off.

Also you want to keep track of your erection quality.

If your boners are normal 100% or seem to have grown some, great keep it up.

If they are week and smaller this means too much PE.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Agree with Kingpole: I think erection quality is a much more significant physical indicator than flaccid size.

Another important physical indicator: are you gaining?

If you’re gaining and your erection quality is equivalent or superior to what it was before PE, you certainly are doing things right!

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