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Fixing shape of my penis - help


Well, I’m clamping right now. But it seems like everything gets bigger proportionately. Maybe I haven’t been doing it for long enough, but that’s what I’ve noticed so far.

So with clamping (and occasional pumping) in my routine, should I expect the shape of my penis to become more uniform, or at least the base to become uniform, with the rest of my penis?

Hi, I haven’t seen much in terms of length gains thus far. Then again its been over a month since i measured(on purpose). And for the first time i think i foudn a routine that actually works. I had a thinner base as well. Its not as rare as u might think, lots of guys are like this. I can’t figure out which, but its either the assisted V and A stretches, grabbing stretching and spinning, or helicopters, or just overall stretching. But my base is starting to even out. And thats alot to be said since ive been doing low erection level jelqing which “supposedly” could cause the baseball effect.

Interesting.. I guess I should think about adding stretches to my routine. How long does that normally take?

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