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Five weeks of PE

Five weeks of PE

I’ve been doing PE for 5 weeks. I haven’t made any length or girth gains. My erection quality is still good. I was trying to follow the newbie routine but I went off track. I’ve been warming up, stretching and jelqs. I gave up on the standard manual stretch and started do the BTC stretch. I started doing the BTC stretch because I could actually feel the stretch.

When I first started I had trouble doing jelqs. I just started to get the hang of them about a week ago. About a week and half ago I looked into LOT theory. I found out that my LOT is low from 6-7. Which if my understanding is correct then BTC stretch would not help me. So I started doing V- stretches. As you can see by now I have gone far off track from the newbie routine.

Today I spent the whole day making a hanger to day. I made the CCH3 hanger. I tested it out with a 2.5 lbs and it worked. I don’t know if I should try hanging yet. I would like to make some gains from manual exercise first and then go to hanging.

I’m not worried about not having made gains. I still remain dedicated to PE. I would like to know if LOT theory is still valid. I’ve looked into it a lot but there is so much on it and I can’t find a straight up answer. How long do you guy think I should wait to start hanging? I would also like to hear any advise that you guys have to offer. Thank you guys for any help.

No, LOT theory is not considered valid.

Thank you Marinera. I was not expecting to get the straight up answer that I wanted.

5 weeks is not long enough do another 3 weeks then you should start seeing some changes. Your penis is just getting used to PE

Not really a signature but a link to a great guide Newbie Routine Steady Progress Chart.

I believe you’re right about my penis just get used to PE. That’s why I’ve decided to wait until I have done three months of PE to start hanging.

It’s great you found that out earlier.

I read the about the LOT theory back in ‘11 and have always based my on and off routine on it. I only learned about a month ago about its invalidity.

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