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Five eights gain in in length in four months

Five eights gain in in length in four months

I’ve been quietly working away, and after a comment by the wife this weekend that went something like this: “Wow, I swear your are getting bigger.and plumper too”; I decided to break out the truth stick. I was hesitated for a while because I was used to seeing none or tiny gains. Well imagine my surprise when I saw a solid 6 3/4! When I started back in May, I measured barely 6 1/4, so I am very happy! Now my goal of 8x6” may no be such a dream in a few years!

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Half an inch in 4 months my friend! CONGRATS! Cement them gains an keep up the good work! I have been P.E-ing for 5 months and have seen nothing :( What is/was your routine/schedule bro?


I’ve just been doing the newbie routine, 2 days on 1 off and taking a weekend off every three weeks of so.

Nice gains.

Good gains, be patient and enjoy man!

I want more. For myself only.

Keep up the good work man, if the wife notices then you know you’re on the right track

Yeah, well, thats just like, your opinion, man.

October 20, 2009 NBPEL:5.5" EG:4.75" FL:4" BPFSL:6" FG:3.625"

The best positive PI is a visual improvement seen by your partner (especially if they don’t know you are up to PE). Sounds excellent, keep it up! How about your girth, you mentioned the wifey said “plump,” any measurement change in your circumference?

S.O. at P.B.

I’m so proud, you are doing better than me and I have been doing this the same time frame.

Thanks For All Your Help

Those are some good gains you should be very happy with those:) .

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Wingnut, nice gains. An eighth of an inch per month is a good rate. It means you are working hard. I hope the gains keep coming. How is your girth?

2-06 6.375 bpel 5.0 mseg

7-08 7.375 bpel 6.25 mseg

7-09 7.50 bpel 6.25 mseg

Sorry to say (admit) that I didn’t get a baseline measurement when I first started PE. However, shortly after starting I read a post that related the inside diameter of a toilet paper tube to approximately 5” or so. On a whim I tried it and could literally drop the tube over the entire head and shaft. I repeated this Monday when I measured and the glans were a tight fit, and the tube could only fit down about 3/4 of the way; so yes there have been some girth gains although right now I am primarily targeting length. Hopefully in another month or two we can get our own place and I can start some pumping too.

The odd thing about my gains is that most of the gains have occurred within the last six weeks or so (since I measured last). Since I was heavily involved in bodybuilding many years ago, I *think* these gains may be the result of an intermittent (as when privacy allows) program. I can remember when I would be stuck at a particular size or strength level when bodybuilding, I would drastically change my training routine by increasing and decreasing the time between workouts and varying the intensity (such as an extremely hard workout followed by a longer than normal break then a light workout with only a day off, followed by a normal workout and break, then mixing everything up the next week). Your body will acclimate to a regular workout quicker than you think, and by changing the workload placed on your body, it never knows what to expect, so in response it will add size and strength. Although I haven’t been involved in bodybuilding / strength training for a long time now, I believe this is the current accepted thinking after a few months of training.

The wife knows that I have been doing PE for a while now, but really didn’t believe it would work.until now. Believe me, I am working towards my goal every day in one way or another!

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