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Fitness and PE

Fitness and PE

How do you think, would intensive training on the body slow the PE process? My idea is that energy for cell multiplying will go mostly on muscles, and not on the tunica. Is there some truth in this?

I think it would enhance it. Exercises are great for your blood circulation. So the better blood pressure, the better erections, healthier appearance. IMO it’s even better.

I honestly have no idea on how the human cell react under intensive training but one thing I believe in is that heat is beneficial for speeding up recovery in your penis.

I personally use an Infrared Lamp and it is widely known to speed up tissue repairs.

Adequate rest as well will help with tissue repairs.

Also you need to check your P.Is. (If you have negative P.I, you need to train less harder.)

I sincerely hope this helps.
(Hang around here though, there should be more knowledgeable person answering your question.)

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Thank you both for your opinions. And padawan, about the PIs - I can’t do estimation at this point, this is my second day of jelqing, I don’t even have the proper technic yet.

Cool by tomorrow you should be fix then.

Bear in mind, PI should be focused upon on a daily basis and not weekly.

Technique will come mate, with practice and reading.

Lots of reading. ;)

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Yes, on principle practice and reading will lead to progress. But in my case the jelq technique would be a little different than the normal, I have a curve to lessen,(check out my first thread if you want to know more about it) and don’t want to make it any worse, so I’m a little nervous about it.

Don’t worry even with the curvature, a Jelq is a Jelq (even though a there is a bit more pressure on the opposite side of the curve).

Stay with the P.Is and good luck with the straightening.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

Muscle cells do not multiply or I should day divide when you lift weights you are not actually generating new muscle tissue via cell division rather you are causing hypertrophy of the cells. That means that you are causing the individual cells to get larger by forcing them to generate more proteins specifically actin and myosin.

I would expect that muscle training and overall body fitness would only improve the PE results.

Remember muscle increases the body’s testosterone and fat increases the body’s estrogen.

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Very clear statement Khunt, thank you. Now I’ll be more confident in combining fitness and PE.


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