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First week's observations

First week's observations

Observations from one week of PE:

1. The first thing I discovered is that this stuff can be complicated for an analytical person! I must have measured my LOT ten times, and came up with 5 different numbers. Next, I had a problem staying even 50% erect when jelqing, and naturally worried about the ramifications of doing it incorrectly. But, I did “work out” five times this week, following the newbie routine.

2. This stuff can make you sore as hell! Between PE and making love to my wife, my “partner” got a lot of work! I’ll be watching this closely, because while I’m interested in having a bigger member, I’m committed to having a WORKING member!

3. This “stuff” just may work! Here are my starting measurements:

NBPFL: 3.5” NBPEL: 6.75”
BPFL: 4.25” BPEL: 7.25”
FG: 3” EG: 5.0”

As you can see, I don’t start with much, but I get pretty good growth. My partners have always been impressed with that. However, like most men, I definitely wouldn’t mind more size. My goal is to be between 5 - 6” flaccid, and 9.25” x 6.5 erect (BP).

Here’s what I measured this morning:

NBPEL: 7” BPEL: 7.625” EG: 5.0”

Now, I’m not naive enough to believe that these are legit gains this fast. Some of it certainly could be related to measurement error (although I was pretty diligent in confirming the initial measurements and making sure I had the “best” erection I could).

More likely, I think the first week has just given me stronger erections. I was amazed at how firm I was during sex with my wife — she even commented more than usual on how deep I was going! But, ultimately, who knows — maybe the gains ARE real, making me the quickest gainer in PE history! I’ll definitely keep working the newbie routine, and let you know how things develop!

After my first week, I gained about 3/4 of an inch from 4 3/4 - 5 1/2

But then I became lazy and inconsistent after the second week didnt show gains that quickly

I’m guessing when you FIRST start, you might have a quick growth spurt, but gains probably slow down after that

I mean.. Think about it.. After a year you would be bigger than a rhino

I’ve been doing it for just under 2 weeks.. Nothing to show for it yet!

But I’m determined :)

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